DPP accuses KMT of falsifying TaiMed document (2011/12/21)
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    DPP accuses KMT of falsifying TaiMed document (2011/12/21)

    The opposition DPP is continuing its war of words over accusations made by the KMT against DPP presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen. The DPP claims that the KMT deliberately altered documentary evidence on two occasions in order to smear Tsai. However, Council for Economic Planning and Development Minister Christina Liu responded by repeating that she simply made a mistake.

    One week ago, Christina Liu apologized for having placed the incorrect date of “March 31st” on a document she had presented at a press conference relating to DPP presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen’s involvement in biotechnology company TaiMed. Today, the DPP further retaliated against the KMT’s accusations by pointing out that the same document, presented by KMT caucus whip, Lin Yi-shih, had been purposefully altered so as to obscure the fact that it is an appendix. According to the DPP, both instances are nothing more than attempts to smear Tsai’s reputation pre-election.

    The DPP suspects that the document chosen by Liu was singled out as it was a new investment plan containing Tsai’s name, and could thus be used to insinuate her involvement in the establishment of a company that she would later lead.

    Chuang Ruei-hsiung
    DPP spokesperson
    Why did Minister Liu pick out appendix 3 in particular, and then mark it as Mar. 31, 2007? Because Appendix 3 of Aug. 31 has Tsai Ing-wen’s name on it–so she picked it out on purpose.

    Christina Liu
    CEPD Minister
    I don’t know why that file was not organized from February to September. Instead it was organized from September backwards. Just by chance, the appendix from March was missing. So it was appended and appended again and again. The whole dossier is very disorganized.

    DPP spokesman Chen Chi-mai responded by saying that the dossiers of the National Development Fund are in fact very well organized, and that any complications must have arisen intentionally.
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    [[民進黨發言人 莊瑞雄]]
    “為什麼劉憶如主委 你單單去把附件3給挑出來以後 再去註記此份文件 為96年3月31號 只因為8月31號附件3 這裡面有出現蔡英文的名字 她就刻意去把她抽出來”

    [[經建會主委 劉憶如]]
    “我也不知道當初是為什麼,那一份卷宗它不是這樣子排的,它是從第一個卷宗 應該是二月到九月,可是它是從九月排回去的, 剛好是三月的這個附件,它是缺失了,所以它附件附件,一再地附件,宇昌的卷宗是非常地混亂”

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