Taiwan lawmakers form Australia parliamentary friendship group (2020/11/20)
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    Taiwan lawmakers form Australia parliamentary friendship group (2020/11/20)

    The Legislative Yuan on Friday inaugurated the Taiwan-Australia Inter-Parliamentary Amity Association, which aims to deepen Taiwan's exchanges with Australia. The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tien Chung-kwang, who highlighted the close cooperation between the two countries throughout the pandemic. Also present was Australia's representative to Taiwan Gary Cowan, who said his country fully supported Taiwan's meaningful participation in international organizations such as the World Health Organizaion.

    In recent months, Taiwan's friendship with Australia has grown closer. Now, amid calls from lawmaker Chiu Yi-ying, the Legislative Yuan has formed the Taiwan-Australia Inter-Parliamentary Amity Association to strengthen diplomatic ties between the two countries.

    Chiu Yi-ying
    DPP lawmaker
    For me, Australia is my second home. I spent my student days in Australia. So I have a special kinship with Australia. I hope there can be more exchanges between Taiwan and Australia, including the signing of a bilateral trade agreement with Taiwan. I think this is something the Taiwan government is really looking forward to.

    Chiu spoke about her personal affinity with Australia and the economic relations between the two countries. Meanwhile, Deputy Foreign Minister Tien Chung-kwang recounted how the two countries had worked together and helped each other amid the pandemic.

    Tien Chung-kwang
    Deputy foreign minister
    Australia provided us with a lot of alcohol with which to make hand sanitizer. Taiwan also provided Australia with fabrics needed to make face masks. Through our bilateral cooperation, we were able to defeat the pandemic.

    Gary Cowan
    Autralian representative to Taiwan
    Australia has always resolutely supported Taiwan's participation in the WHO as an observer. We will continue cooperating with Taiwan and facilitate Taiwan's meaningful participation in international organizations. Our office has recently promoted this with the campaign "Rediscover Australia, Rediscover Taiwan."

    In his last year in office Australia's representative to Taiwan, Gary Cowan has organized many activities for people to learn more about Taiwan. Cowan says he rarely went on bicycle rides in Australia, but since coming to Taiwan, he's been biking to mountain tops and even trying out local persimmon cakes. As a fan of Taiwan, Cowan stressed Australia was committed to supporting Taiwan's inclusion in international organizations such as the WHA. He also voiced hope for further cooperation and exchanges between Taiwan and Australia once the pandemic is over.
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