Plastic Cutlery Ban (2017/04/20)
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    Plastic Cutlery Ban (2017/04/20)

    After banning disposable utensils and melamine tableware from city schools and government offices last year, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je is now set to extend his environmental initiative to selected department stores in the nation's capital. Appearing at a food court today, Ko said he hoped that Taipei's night markets could join the drive to cut down on plastic waste.

    Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je seemed content digging into this pork and rice meal, because of both the food and what it was served on.

    Having last year banned plastic tableware from city government offices and schools, the Taipei City government is now working with major department store chain SOGO to bring safer reusable bowls, plates and cutlery to its food courts.

    Ko Wen-je
    Taipei Mayor
    Our next targets are markets and night markets, so market management offices that are willing to take part can draw up requests for cutlery and tableware, or for subsidies for dishwashers.

    But despite Ko's generous words and his desire to make Taipei into the green capital of Taiwan, getting safer tableware into the hands of restaurants and consumers may not be as easy as it sounds.

    Melamine tableware is more shatter-resistant than ceramic, and is cheaper than metal, both reasons why small snack shops typically stick to containers made out of the resin.

    Mr. Tong
    Tableware Wholesaler
    I think there's a difficulty inherent in pushing this initiative, in that melamine is more durable, and breaks less than ceramics.

    Ko may have a challenge in expanding his ban on plastic tableware to night markets, given the cost concerns and usage habits that smaller stalls in such markets have to cope with.

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    柯P禁美耐皿政策 百貨加入汰換3萬餐具




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