Surprise for man who unwittingly finds magic mushrooms in Yangmingshan (2014/05/12)
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    Surprise for man who unwittingly finds magic mushrooms in Yangmingshan (2014/05/12)

    A local man got more than he bargained for when he harvested mushrooms to cook with in Yangmingshan National Park and they turned out to be magic mushrooms. The surprise trip was reported to police, who vowed to step up patrols and investigate how these natural psychedelics ended up in the park.

    Today the Seventh Special Police Corps, which handles security in national parks, headed to Qingtiangang, Yangmingshan. An officer plucked mushrooms growing in cow dung in order to conduct lab testing.

    Wang Jhih-cheng
    7th Division, 7th Special Police Corps
    We’re collecting evidence to send to related agencies for tests. Before these tests and subsequent report are completed, our Seventh Special Police Corps will increase patrols in park areas.

    In the right conditions – such as the moist, cool environment of Yangmingshan – magic mushrooms can grow in cow dung if the cows ingested the mushroom spores. They cause a distorted view of reality that could prove hazardous in cases of a bad trip.

    Chiang Chih-kang
    National Taiwan University Hospital
    These mushrooms have neurotoxins that can lead to the manifestation of neurological symptoms or hallucinations. They induce tears, perspiration and enlarge the pupils. Stronger, potentially hazardous reactions include full-body paralysis and cramps. If a person who consumed magic mushrooms develops these symptoms, he or she should receive emergency care.

    The psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, is a category 2 narcotic. Possession or sale is illegal.
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    驚傳有民眾在陽明山擎天崗上,誤摘及誤食長在牛糞上的”迷幻毒菇” ,因此中毒產生嚴重的幻覺。對此主管國家公園治安的保七總隊不敢大意,一早派人到擎天岡採集牛糞上的菇,做進一步調查。

    [[保七總隊刑大大隊長 王志成]]


    [[台大腎臟科醫師 姜至剛]]
    “這些菇是有一些神經毒類,容易造成一些神經症狀,或一些幻失幻聽的出現,有一些流淚流汗瞳孔放大,嚴重甚至全身會痲痺,抽筋的情形出現 相當危險,如有症狀發生的話,應該到醫院去緊急就診”

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