Former Premier Yu Shyi-kun tipped as legislative speaker (2020/01/14)
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    Former Premier Yu Shyi-kun tipped as legislative speaker (2020/01/14)

    Premier Su Tseng-chang has confirmed that he’ll be staying in his post, as requested by the newly reelected president. Over at the legislature, former Premier Yu Shyi-kun is tipped as the strongest contender for legislative speaker.

    Premier Su and his Cabinet resigned en masse at an impromptu meeting on Monday, as required by the Constitution. There were no photos taken or goodbyes said, as the entire Cabinet was asked to remain in their posts.

    Su Tseng-chang
    The president made a point of saying in person, repeatedly, that she hoped I would continue leading the executive team, serving the country, and achieving results for the good of the nation and the people.

    Su confirmed that President Tsai Ing-wen had asked him to stay. On Monday morning, he met the president at home at her invitation. Tsai thanked him for his work. Later, Su asked how much longer he’d be needed as premier. Tsai appealed for him to remain in the post.

    Su Jia-chyuan
    Legislative speaker
    I think that Premier Su Tseng-chang, over this past year, has led the Cabinet extremely well. I think Premier Su Tseng-chang should continue to carry this responsibility.

    Chao Tien-lin
    DPP lawmaker
    I think having Premier Su remain in his post is an extremely lucid and correct decision.

    Many within the administration approve of the decision. Meanwhile, former Premier Yu is widely tipped for legislative speaker, setting up a formidable triple alliance of heavyweights for the next four years.

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