Foundation for mentally challenged children enlisted to design Universiade souvenirs (2017/04/20)
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    Foundation for mentally challenged children enlisted to design Universiade souvenirs (2017/04/20)

    With the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei less than 120 days away, the Games' official souvenirs have finally been unveiled. What makes these items special is that they were designed by children with intellectual disabilities, who have a chance to show off their creativity.

    Mentally challenged children show off their works - from line drawings to more colorful sketches of Universiade mascots.

    Chiel Hou
    Universiade Souvenir Partner
    We had children cared for by the Children Are Us Foundation reach deep inside themselves to create works like this one. With the help of a designer, it then turned into this, a mascot that everybody will really like.

    The Taipei Universiade joined with a nonprofit organization for the first time in preparing for the Games to develop official souvenirs and show off the children's creativity.

    Chiu Hui-min
    Children Are Us Foundation Social Worker
    What moved me the most is that some of these children were not very good at drawing, but after we gave them encouragement, they started drawing straight lines and can now draw curves and even recognizable figures. That made a big impression on me.

    The many types of merchandise to go on sale include notebooks, coffee mugs and T-shirts.

    Su Li-chiung
    Universiade Organizing Committee Chief
    I think Mayor Ko really supports this activity. He has already purchased 20 full sets of these souvenirs. As for the royalties to be paid to the city government, we will donate that money to the foundation.

    Su Li-chiung, who heads the Universiade's Organizing Committee, hopes the tie-up with the Children Are Us Foundation will give these children more confidence in seeing their designs come to life, and said she hopes the products will bring more human warmth to the Games.
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    世大運紀念商品 可見喜憨兒手繪創作



    [[世大運紀念品合作廠商 侯淵棠]]


    [[喜憨兒基金會社工員 邱惠敏]]


    [[世大運執行長 蘇麗瓊]]

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