Taipei City government facing investigation of three major construction projects (2009/08/07)
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    Taipei City government facing investigation of three major construction projects (2009/08/07)

    Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-bin has vowed full cooperation with an investigation by the Control Yuan in to Taipei MRT’s troubled Neihu Line. Hau will be interrogated by Control Yuan member Jhao Rong-yao 趙榮耀 in the near future with the government watchdog set to investigate two other major construction projects conducted by the city government.

    With Typhoon Morakot approaching, Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin went to the city government’s disaster response center first thing Friday morning. He then inspected a water pumping station as it prepared for the impending storm and even got a little wet when inspecting areas that suffered landslides during last year’s typhoon season. Hau is attempting to avoid further trouble before he is questioned by the government watchdog, the Control Yuan, regarding his role in the construction of the much-troubled Neihu MRT Line.

    au Lung-bin
    Taipei Mayor
    This is a matter for the Control Yuan and we will cooperate fully, said Hau.

    In just over one month since commercial service began, the Neihu line has already suffered two major breakdowns that lasted several hours each. Hau was asked Friday if he is considering shutting down the line so that the contractor Bombardier Transportation can do more work.

    Hau Lung-bin
    Taipei Mayor
    Basically, the main problem for the Neihu line is system stability, said Hau. Right now, Taipei City government is working with all its might towards achieving the goal of system stability.

    Hau added that the city government is currently not considering the possibility of closing the line for repairs. But, he is currently facing investigations of the city government of the Maokong cable-car system, which was shut down indefinitely in November last year, and the use of a defective adhesive on the Xinsheng Elevated Expressway.

    Hau Lung-bin
    Taipei Mayor
    This is definitely not a case of corruption, said Hau. However, when the Control Yuan or prosecutors investigate and conduct questioning, we will provide clear explanations.

    All three of the major construction projects under investigation were put out for tender during President Ma Ying-jeou’s time as Taipei mayor. Ma’s many promises of clean government for all are about to be put to the test.
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