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Hong Kong air controllers refuse access to military-chartered UNI Air flight (2020/10/16)

Taiwan has accused Beijing of meddling after Hong Kong air traffic controllers warned off a military chartered plane that was headed for the Taiwan-controlled Dongsha Islands. On Thursday, a UNI Air supply plane was given a warning as it was approaching Hong Kong's flight information region. The captain was told that there were, quote "dangerous activities" underway~ and that the plane could not pass through. The plane then turned back to Kaohsiung. On Friday, Taiwan's defense minister said an investigation revealed there were no abnormal activities in the area at the time. He accused Beijing of deliberately interfering with the plane's passage and undermining international aviation order.

The UNI Air B-17011 was on its way to the Dongsha Islands on Thursday, carrying Coast Guard and military personnel. It made contact with the control tower at 9:34 a.m. Ten minutes later, the plane made a 180-degree turn, and at 10:22 it landed at Kaohsiung's Siaogang Airport.

According to the Civil Aeronautics Administration, the plane was approaching Hong Kong's flight information region. The captain was then told by Hong Kong authorities that there were "dangerous activities" happening below 26,000 feet, and that the aircraft could not enter. But in a breach of standard practice, Hong Kong had given no prior warning.

Su Tseng-chang
Flights follow flight standards and international convention. I don't feel they should have interfered with our own flight operations.

Yen Teh-fa
Defense minister
The defense ministry investigated. At the time and in that area, neither at sea nor in the air was China engaged in any military activity, and there was nothing out of the ordinary going on. Given these circumstances, we certainly hope that the Chinese authorities can respect the regulations of international flight organizations.

Such an incident has never occurred before, and it's set off accusations of "planned interference." The Dongsha Islands are in a strategic location. Hong Kong refugees hoping to make it to Taiwan have been known to stop over there. China has repeatedly signaled its ambitions to take over the islands, making the behavior of Hong Kong authorities all the more strange.

Shu Hsiao-huang
Institute for National Defense and Security Research
These actions are what we refer to as "gray-zone operations." They don't reach the level of a military conflict, but they are a series of unfriendly actions toward you. Of course on some level, this is about U.S.-China relations. It's related to the U.S. and Taiwan, and it's a continuation of regional tensions. It can't be ruled out that China will employ other tactics in the future. The Dongsha Islands might experience other types of disturbances. There might be something that occurs at sea, or maybe it will be surrounded. Whether it will affect our ability to supply the islands - I'm afraid that is something that we need to pay careful attention to.

Refused access to Taiwan's territory, the UNI Air flight was forced to return to Kaohsiung. Analysts say the move is part of China leader Xi Jinping's continuous campaign to unsettle regional peace and stability.

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中國報復性干擾? 港無預警要我軍包機返航




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友善行為,那這個當然多少就是對美中關係,跟台美現在關係, 緊張的一個延續,它不排除將來可能還會有其他的手段。(東沙島)會不會再受到其他形式的干擾,會不會有一些其他,例如說海上啊,這種再做一次包圍的行為,未來會不會影響到我們對東沙的運補,這個恐怕我們必須要審慎觀察。”

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