High Speed Rail launches ticket package including ferry ride to Penghu, now a popular resort (2020/07/31)
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    High Speed Rail launches ticket package including ferry ride to Penghu, now a popular resort (2020/07/31)

    Domestic travel is in full gear in Taiwan, especially to the outlying islands. Penghu in particular has seen an explosion in tourism, now that its International Fireworks Festival has started. Cruise liners and airlines are already taking advantage of the demand and expanding their services.

    Fireworks pierce the sky with colorful sparks emanating from a bridge and the sea. It's a magical sight to behold.

    Then, 300 drones fly in formation. They form the Penghu Great Bridge over the sea before transforming into the shape of Cupid shooting a love arrow. It's just as spectacular as the pyrotechnics. Penghu's International Fireworks Festival has started, attracting hordes of tourists looking for an affordable escapade with the government's travel subsidies.

    The ferry cuts across the windy waters. It makes two round trips between Chiayi and Penghu every day. Recently, the boat has been full up for almost every trip. Eyeing a possible business venture, the Taiwan High Speed Rail has launched a special travel package for Penghu. The package includes bullet train tickets to Chiayi, a shuttle bus to the port, ferry tickets and accommodation in Penghu. Meanwhile, an island hopping cruise liner is luring in passengers with the chance to see the fireworks spectacle from onboard the ship. Airlines have rushed to increase the frequency of services to Penghu or even switch their aircraft to bigger capacity planes.

    Johnson Sun
    Taiwan High Speed Rail
    The package offers discounts for car and scooter rentals and so on. So the whole itinerary includes cheaper high speed rail tickets, cheaper ferry tickets and some extra discounts. July isn't over and we've already reached more than half of our sale goals.

    With international travel out of bounds, tourists are looking for scenic trips closer to home. Local travel executives right now seem to be some of the few winners in this troubled time.

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    高鐵首度推澎湖聯票行程 鎖定「偽出國」商機





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