Water Resources Agency invites sponsors to support river regulation projects (2021/10/22)
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    Water Resources Agency invites sponsors to support river regulation projects (2021/10/22)

    The Water Resources Agency is carrying out widespread regulation projects on Taiwan's rivers. Part of its strategy is the "Riverbanks Sponsorship and Defense Project," through which local groups and companies are invited to sponsor a section of a river. Then they get a say in how it will be redesigned and constructed. To find out more, let's check out an area sponsored by Jietoufen Community Development Society, in Yuanshan Township, Yilan.

    Actors rehearse onstage as they prepare a Taiwanese opera show. Even though it’s just a rehearsal, their singing attracts lots of admirers.

    That’s despite there not even being a chair to pull up. The audience is seated on large rocks, arranged in a raked pattern on this grassy hill – this is a new outdoor theater space at Jietoufen Cultural Square, created by the Water Resources Agency in association with Jietoufen Community Development Society.

    Chen Tsung-wen
    Jietoufen Community Development Society
    To the south of the river, we have An-nung安農 River, and to the North we actually have our stretch of Yilan River. Here at the Yungchin永金 River section, the Water Resources Agency is working with locals to carry out river regulation, and they’ve added in local community culture. Our Gezaixi Square has been built here, because Jietoufen is the birthplace of Taiwanese opera.

    The Water Resources Agency has constructed this cultural square between Yungchin Bridges no. 1 and 2, on the left-hand bank of the Yilan River. All around are designs illustrating the origins and history of Taiwanese opera and local culture. There’s also a special cycle lane and bicycle park platform, enabling visitors to enjoy some exercise to round off a leisurely day out.

    Visitors can enjoy the voices of opera singers ringing out as they stroll or cycle along the riverbank. Before the regulation project, the riverbanks were covered in weeds; now this bank is an outdoors exhibition space. The regulation work used existing concrete with new construction methods, increasing the area given to plant life. The walkways are now better at retaining and gradually releasing water, vital for soil health in Yilan’s rainy climate. And the project used green work materials and natural construction methods. Locals were keen to help protect the habitats of wild animals.

    Su Sha-lin
    Water Resources Agency
    Some of the steps also have viewing platforms. We created them all by lining up natural rocks. Beside the river, we’ve preserved a natural greenery belt. So you can see how rich and diverse the ecology is here, as well as the birdlife.

    In recent years, the Water Resources Agency has collaborated with many private groups and companies in its “Waterbanks Sponsorship and Defense Project,” through which 300 hectares of land have been sponsored.

    Lin Teh-ching
    Water Resources Agency
    At the start of the design process, we interview groups and agencies in the local area who are interested in sponsorship. When that’s complete, they assume responsibility for the maintenance and management of the land. So in the design process, and in the execution process, we are constantly communicating with the sponsor group, so that our final design will fit their expectations.

    Officials take in lots of stakeholder opinions, adapt to local needs, and try to use ecological principles in their river regulation, as well as thinking of leisure requirements. It's a tough job, demanding local expertise as well as big-picture thinking.
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    水利署推"水岸綠地認養" 盼水文與人文結合




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