KMT and Taiwan People’s Party agree on voting age legislation (2020/02/13)
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    KMT and Taiwan People’s Party agree on voting age legislation (2020/02/13)

    At the Legislative Yuan, Taiwan's oldest political party and one of its youngest met to discuss a shared agenda for the new session. Members of the KMT and the newly founded Taiwan People's Party met behind closed doors for half an hour. According to KMT lawmaker Lin Wei-chou, the two sides agreed to work toward lowering the voting age from 20 to 18.

    Members of the KMT caucus paid a call on the Taiwan People’s Party on Thursday. The atmosphere was light as the two sides greeted one another and headed for a half-hour meeting behind closed doors.

    Lin Wei-chou
    KMT lawmaker
    Lowering the voting age to 18 – basically we have a complete consensus on that issue. We’ll be able to get onboard the same bill. Their party whip, Ms. Lai, and legislators Tsai Pi-ju and Ann Kao are situated near my own office. So in the future we should be able to communicate with one another very smoothly.

    Lai Hsiang-lin
    Taiwan People’s Party lawmaker
    We very much look forward to working with the KMT on our Constitutional amendment to lower the voting age. We will also redouble our efforts on related legislation. We’ll rouse ourselves, get up to speed, and become a new force in this opposition alliance.

    It was an amicable start to the working relationship. The two sides also saw eye-to-eye on the discount vouchers proposed by the Executive Yuan.

    Ann Kao
    Taiwan People’s Party lawmaker
    We, the Taiwan People’s Party, believe that the general concept of vouchers is sound. But in the past, we did run into a problem with those nightmarket vouchers – only about 40% of the vouchers issued were used. You can’t just roll out the concept of spending vouchers and leave it at that. Many of the fine details were never quite ironed out.

    Chiang Wan-an
    KMT lawmaker
    I’m happy that the Executive Yuan and the DPP are willing to attach importance to and adopt the bailout initiative that was first proposed by the KMT. … But there’s a major precondition for success. That precondition is the government being able to convince the public that it’s safe to go outside amid the growing epidemic.

    The KMT and the Taiwan People’s Party spoke publicly for the first time on the central government’s relief measures. They said they were committed to working together to ensure accountability even in a crisis.
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    國民黨拜會民眾黨團 紓困.18歲投票有共識



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