Purchasing masks under the national health insurance system will be cheaper in Jan. (2020/11/22)
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    Purchasing masks under the national health insurance system will be cheaper in Jan. (2020/11/22)

    As most residents in Taiwan know, they can buy a package of nine face masks every 14 days for NT$45 from government certified pharmacies. That's the rate set by the government in its mask rationing scheme. Now there's good news. Starting in Jan., people will be able to purchase a package of 10 masks for NT$40. This drop in price is the result of relaxed restrictions on mask sales on the free market.

    When the government first instituted its mask purchasing system using the National Health Insurance card, long queues were an everyday occurrence. However, with the epidemic under control domestically and the government’s easing of restrictions on mask sales, the queues have gone. Now the Food and Drug Administration is planning to lower the price of masks sold in this system.

    Wang Ming-yuan
    Federation of Taiwan Pharmacists Assoc.
    The ration will be increased without raising the price. So for NT$40, you can purchase 10 masks every 14 days. The prices on the free market are declining. Some places even sell masks for less than the government’s price per mask of NT$5.Based on the way the trend is moving, prices of masks will become more reasonable and return to their earlier levels.

    Demand for masks is expected to rise with the government’s new epidemic prevention scheme for the fall and winter season, which will kick off in Dec. when masks will be required in eight types of venues. The price for both adult and children’s masks will be lowered. Every 14 days, people will be able to purchase one package of 10 masks for NT$40, which amounts to NT$4 a mask, a saving of NT$1 compared with the current price. Moreover, all the packaging will be done ahead of their distribution, saving pharmacists’ labor. The new scheme will be implemented Jan. 1 at the earliest.

    Wang Ming-yuan
    Federation of Taiwan Pharmacists Assoc.
    The packaging will make a big difference for pharmacists in terms of saving time. Currently, for every 200 persons, a pharmacist spends, at the very least, two hours putting masks into packages -- and that’s not counting the transaction time.

    However, wearing masks is only one kind of prevention measure. The root of the problem can only be fixed by vaccines. Some experts are of the opinion that children will not get priority in receiving vaccines, since kids tend not to be severely sick compared with adults after being infected with COVID-19.

    Huang Li-min
    Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan
    In the current fight against the pandemic, there are few cases of children passing the disease to others. The disease is mainly spread from adult to adult.

    The University of Oxford’s latest findings have also revealed that people who have been infected by the coronavirus are immune for at least six months. All such information will be helpful as COVID-19 vaccines come to fruition.
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    實名制口罩降價 明年起14天10片40元



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