‘The Phantom of the Opera’ in Taipei until Dec. 6 (2020/11/20)
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    ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ in Taipei until Dec. 6 (2020/11/20)

    The award-winning Broadway musical "The Phantom of the Opera" is back in Taipei. The show's cast, who had to go through 14 days of quarantine AND test negative for COVID twice, say they are excited to entertain Taiwanese audiences. Twenty-two shows are scheduled at Taipei Arena between Nov. 19 and Dec. 6. Formosa News reporter Stephany Yang met the cast and took a behind the scenes peek.

    The Broadway cast of "The Phantom of the Opera" is in Taipei. They're performing the famous masquerade at the start of the second act, which is set in the Paris Opera House. This was a media preview for the cast's 22-show run at Taipei Arena.

    "The Phantom of the Opera" is back in Taipei for the fourth time, but it's the first time in Taipei for Kaley Ann Voorhees, who plays the female protagonist Christine. Voorheers said she was looking forward to exploring more of Taipei during her stay.

    Kaley Ann Voorhees
    'The Phantom of the Opera' actor
    I went out last night and kind of walked around. It's beautiful, we are so excited to explore more. We went to the mall. The shopping here, I'm very excited about. The food is great too. I love desserts. This has been great for me. I had a cherry pie yesterday. It was very good.

    Jonathan Roxmouth, who plays the Phantom, says that old fans may be able to watch the show with a fresh perspective this year, due to the pandemic.

    Jonathan Roxmouth
    'The Phantom of the Opera' actor
    Being on a world tour where you are touring around the world during a pandemic, we are going to quarantine and isolation a lot. So we all in a way became like the Phantom, locked away in a room, having to wear masks, scared of going out into the world. I hope that audiences that used to watch the Phantom and look at the character as a work of fiction, can actually empathize with the Phantom now and know what they feels like.

    Matt Leisy, who plays Raoul, shared his excitement to be performing for Taiwanese audiences. He says every show is different.

    Matt Leisy
    'The Phantom of the Opera' actor
    One great thing is having Kaley join us. This is the first city we've had her. We just met yesterday. And tomorrow we'll be kissing on stage. Having new cast members come into the show to keep it fresh. Honestly every night is different. Sometimes we have a lot of amazing covers that go on in different roles, that adds new energy and keeps it fresh.

    The production team consists of 130 actors and technicians. Around 300 costumes and 200 accessories and props had to be shipped to Taiwan, some of which were part of the original Broadway set. It took technicians a week to construct the stage and a whole three days to install the sets on the support system. The musical even features a remote-controlled boat.

    Rainer Fried
    'The Phantom of the Opera' associate director
    It's been close to a miracle that we were able to continue to do this tour with no cancellations. We were able to go through Korean season as planned. And we are here as scheduled.

    Stephany yang
    Formosa News reporter
    "The Phantom of the Opera" will perform in Taipei until Dec. 6. Taiwan is the second country that is able to watch a live performance by the Phantom of the Opera amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Theaters worldwide remain shut amid the pandemic, but "The Phantom of the Opera" is continuing on its tour. Associate Director Rainer Fried says the cast recently finished a leg in South Korea. After Taipei, the team is scheduled to go China to continue entertaining audiences with the timeless production.
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