Poker champion James Chen teaches young players all the tricks of the trade (2021/02/22)
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    Poker champion James Chen teaches young players all the tricks of the trade (2021/02/22)

    Taiwan has got its foot in the door of high-stakes poker. James Chen is Taiwan's no. 1 poker champion, having won $3.1 million US dollars in the World Series of Poker Europe in 2019. Now he's teaching young players how to get into the game, through online tutorials.

    Introducing himself to the camera, World Series of Poker champion Chen is recording a Texas hold'em training video. As World Series champion, he knows what he's talking about.

    Tournament host
    This is also something special, because, as far as I know, it's the first person from Taiwan, from your country?

    James Chen
    World Series of Poker champion
    What can I say? It feels great to be the first from Taiwan to win a bracelet. And hopefully this will inspire other players.

    Chen only went professional with poker at the age of 29. He taught himself how to play, relying on math skills and psychological strategies. Now 37, he has a collection of trophies under his belt, and even beat his childhood hero Phil Ivey. But at first his parents fought his career choice.

    James Chen
    World Series of Poker champion
    I even borrowed NT$10,000 from a friend. I started playing from the very smallest games, and very, very gradually my results got better, and I got into bigger and bigger games.

    Chen's success eventually won over his skeptical parents.

    James Chen
    World Series of Poker champion
    To play poker well, you have to think logically, you need a good grasp of mathematical probability, and you have to be able to work out what's going on in your opponent's mind. It's very different from games like roulette or baccarat.

    Texas hold'em is a demanding version of poker, requiring players to stay sharp at all times. Chen's YouTube videos provide young players with a wealth of advice and tips. He's Taiwan's first poker champion, but he won't be the last.
    中文 Chinese  

    過去,不少人認為德州撲克算是賭博遊戲,但近年國際越來越多場大型德州撲克賽事,吸引全球好手參與!像是2019捷克世界撲克大賽,冠軍就是台灣人James Chen陳恩寧,他靠著自學,全職八年拿下無數冠軍,近期他還開設YouTube教學,希望透過教學,傳達正確觀念。

    對著鏡頭自我介紹,準備錄製德州撲克教學影片。他是James Chen陳恩寧,目前唯一世界撲克大賽冠軍。


    [[世界撲克大賽冠軍 James Chen]]

    今年37歲的陳恩寧,29歲那年才成為職業選手,靠著自學,加上數理觀念、心理戰術,讓他拿到多項撲克大賽冠軍,甚至打敗了自己從小的偶像Phil Ivey。但其實選擇當職業選手,爸媽相當反對。

    [[世界撲克大賽冠軍 James Chen]]


    [[世界撲克大賽冠軍 James Chen]]

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