KMT will have to compete against pan blue candidates in Hualien, Keelung (2014/09/02)
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    KMT will have to compete against pan blue candidates in Hualien, Keelung (2014/09/02)

    The KMT faces a split pan blue vote in several localities. Included are both Keelung and Hualien, where candidates on trial for corruption and other offenses registered as independents today.

    A contingent of supporters turned out to back Keelung City Council speaker Huang Ching-tai as he registered for the mayoral election. His entry makes the pan blue split in Keelung official.

    Huang Ching-tai
    Independent Keelung Candidate
    In this messy era, my courage and drive are needed to change Keelung.

    Hsieh Li-kung
    KMT Keelung Nominee
    I want to express my personal regret over Speaker Huang’s decision. The KMT must unite.

    In Hualien, incumbent County Commissioner Fu Kun-chi faces legal problems. A final ruling could come before polls are completed and possibly result in a loss of eligibility, leading to reports that Fu’s wife, Hsu Chen-wei, could also run as a sort of insurance policy.

    Fu Kun-chi
    Hualien County Commissioner
    We want to make a full disclosure in relation to all the rumors that have emerged in the streets of Hualien as to what will happen after I register. The people of Hualien will decide their own fate. No outside force should again come and try to manipulate the county’s outcome.

    When a reporter directly asked Fu whether his wife will register, Fu said this was likely.

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