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Tokyo Olympics postponed for one year (2020/03/25)

It’s official: The Tokyo Olympics are postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Organizers announced late Tuesday that the games will be held on a date “beyond 2020” but “no later than summer 2021.” Experts have welcomed the move, saying it will keep the games fair and safe. But the decision comes as a great shock to Taiwan’s top athletes, who have been preparing for the games for years. Sports Administration head Kao Chun-hsiung outlined his plan of action on Wednesday. He highlighted plans to help athletes stay both mentally and physically fit over the coming year.

Yasuhiro Yamashita
Japanese Olympic Committee chair
We are putting athletes’ safety as our top priority. We hope people can understand the difficult decision we have made to postpone, can see it in a positive light, and can keep preparing solidly for the goal in 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the postponement of the games. A tour of the Olympic flame was supposed to start tomorrow at Fukushima, but it won’t go ahead now. This morning, constructors began to dismantle the stage and equipment for the opening ceremony.

Thomas Bach
International Olympic Committee chair
The Olympic flame will stay in Japan until the games finally begin. We also agreed that the name will be kept as the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Meanwhile in Taiwan, sports administration officials are readjusting their strategies.

Kao Chun-hsiung
Sports Administration head
The first thing is the formation our team, which started to come together in January. The Republic of China Olympic Committee will start making necessary changes to the team schedules to meet the postponement.

The administration talked about four key adaptation strategies, including adjustments to the team, games preparation, and increased support for the mental and physical health of semi-professional athletes.

Kao Chun-hsiung
Sports Administration head
Whether they feel disappointed to have to wait longer, or they think, “Thank goodness, I have more time to prepare,” they are all in a state of uneasiness, uncertainty and worry. We will increase our counseling services.

Many Taiwanese athletes were tipped for medals at the games. The world’s queen of badminton Tai Tzu-ying and weightlifter Kuo Hsing-chun are favorites for gold. Then there’s Cheng Chao-tsun, who holds the Asian javelin record. The National Sports Training Center says their preparations for the coming year will have to take place almost entirely in Taiwan.

Li Wen-pin
National Sports Training Center
If they go abroad to train, they’ll have to self-isolate for 14 days. For athletes, not training for 14 days has a big effect. We will in general require them to train at the center and take part in competitions here in Taiwan.

Athletes are still waiting for the International Olympic Committee and national Olympic Committees to confirm if those who’ve already qualified will automatically keep their spots in the postponed games. Those who are still to qualify are equally up in the air. But trainers are confident they can keep the athletes on top of their game, ready to compete in 2021.

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