Labor groups threaten protest ahead of planned passage of five-day work week bill on Nov 8 (2016/10/28)
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    Labor groups threaten protest ahead of planned passage of five-day work week bill on Nov 8 (2016/10/28)

    The DPP is targeting January 1, 2017, as the date for implementing their five-day work week plan, after yesterday taking one step closer to pushing it into law. The administration assured workers that they would still get to take leave on the three national holidays remaining this year, but it didn’t mollify labor groups, who threatened another massive protest over what they called the attempt to sacrifice their rights.

    At a prize ceremony recognizing exemplary overseas Taiwanese small businesses, Premier Lin reiterated the administration’s intent to pass its controversial five-day work week bill.

    Lin Chuan
    The reason we’re so set on our position on the five-day work week plan is because we know that no countries on earth have provisions for two designated holidays per week with comp time off. I would prefer that arrangement, but for companies that can’t accommodate it, there will be one day per week when employees can work overtime for higher pay.

    But labor groups believe that the administration’s plan still wouldn’t provide benefits on par with those currently afforded to public sector employees. They also remain staunchly opposed to the elimination of seven national holidays, saying that such a move would infringe on workers’ rights.

    Lin Po-yi
    Taiwan Higher Education Union
    His so-called standardization of national holidays is just a figure of speech. Public-sector employees have already lost seven national holidays, so that’s why he’s now calling for 9 million workers to get in line with the public sector. But what we are seeing is that civil servants and teachers have more special annual leave, sick leave, and even better pensions. But Lin doesn’t want to guarantee workers these same protections.

    Labor groups are currently planning another protest before November 8, when DPP legislators are expected to push for the passage of the five-day work week bill. The bill continues to drive growing confrontation, not just between pan-blue and green lawmakers, but also between workers and employers, neither of whom seem to be behind the changes.
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