President stays silent during protest rally (2013/01/13)
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    President stays silent during protest rally (2013/01/13)

    Facing a chorus of calls from protesters to alter his policies, President Ma Ying-jeou was silent today. His only public appearance was to pay tribute to a late KMT president. The premier, meanwhile, claimed the government is already undertaking the protesters’ demands.

    A light drizzle Sunday didn’t stop Ma Ying-jeou from carrying out his annual tradition of honoring late President Chiang Ching-kuo, this time on the 25th anniversary of Chiang’s death. But the reporters who joined Ma at Taoyuan’s Touliao Mausoleum were more interested in the president’s response to the day’s political rally.

    Ma didn’t comment. But elsewhere Premier Sean Chen, who faces calls for his resignation, did.

    Sean Chen
    The Cabinet has seen many of the requests being made at the 113 rally and is already executing them, says Chen.

    After the rally began, members of the Presidential Office laid low. They said President Ma would simply return to look over documents. To ensure his safety, tight security precautions were made in the surrounding area.

    On Ketagalan Boulevard police set up layers of barriers to close off the square in front of the Presidential Office. They were prepared, as were the demonstrators off to the side.

    The protest did not pass by Ma’s official residence, the Chunghsing Apartment. But, to prevent any replay of the recent manure-throwing incident, security in the surrounding area was tight.

    Police made sure that abuse of the president went no further than the verbal criticism taking place outside.
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