National Taiwan University professor revisits April 6 Incident (2019/03/14)
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    National Taiwan University professor revisits April 6 Incident (2019/03/14)

    In the lead-up to the anniversary of the April 6th Incident, National Taiwan University is renewing discussion about a topic that was once taboo. An NTU history professor gave a lecture on Wednesday revisiting the government crackdown on students on April 6, 1949. Speaking in a crowded lecture hall, the professor debunked myths and shed new light on a dark chapter of Taiwanese history.

    It’s a full house, so crowded that some students have nowhere to sit but the floor. NTU history professor Chen Tsui-lien is the speaker of the day, and her talk is about the April 6th Incident.

    Chen Tsui-lien
    NTU history professor
    Our understanding of the April 6th incident is relatively fragmented. Most will say it started in March 1949 when two students from NTU and NTNU were caught riding a single bicycle.

    In 1949, two students from NTU and NTNU were beaten by police for riding on one bicycle. Afterward, students of the two schools surrounded a police station in protest. The KMT administration believed that the protest was supported by Communist forces, and ordered the arrest of the student protesters.

    Chen Tsui-lien
    NTU history professor
    They prepared to subdue the students. NTU’s president at the time, Fu Ssu-nien, told the police captain at the time, Peng Meng-chi, that he had one request. He said, if you take action against the students tonight, I ask that there be no bloodshed. If there is bloodshed, you will have me to contend with.

    Those words are often quoted and they made Fu a legend at NTU. But the professor said that there’s much in history that most people don’t know.

    Chen Tsui-lien
    NTU history professor
    Police captain Chen Cheng had told President Fu outright. He said, “NTU has become a big base for Communists. How about we start from there?” The president immediately agreed, but he said, “I have three conditions.” “It must be quick, it must be thorough, and there must be no bloodshed.” He said he wanted the campus to be sorted out and stabilized. It was in fact President Fu who proposed the purging of the Communists.

    The NTU history professor shed new light on an old chapter of history, giving students in the audience new perspectives on their university’s past.

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    四六事件開啟大學自治 台大辦講座重新檢視



    [[台大歷史系教授 陳翠蓮]]


    [[台大歷史系教授 陳翠蓮]]


    [[台大歷史系教授 陳翠蓮]]
    “陳誠就老實告訴傅校長,匪諜的大本營就在你台大,要不要從這裡開始? ,他當即表示贊同,他說你做但是我有三個條件,要快、要徹底、不能流血,主張校園整頓以求安定,然後肅清匪諜的,其實是傅校長提出的意見”

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