Cheng Yu-hsuan creates chocolates that are the true taste of Taiwan (2021/02/23)
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    Cheng Yu-hsuan creates chocolates that are the true taste of Taiwan (2021/02/23)

    Taiwan's chocolate industry is going from strength to strength. Last year, Taiwanese chocolates won over 100 trophies at the International Chocolate Awards. Among the winners, the most successful was Cheng Yu-hsuan. Educated in France, this chocolatier incorporates the flavors of Taiwan into all his delicacies.

    This dainty little cake boasts five different kinds of cocoa.

    Underneath the chocolate glaze, there’s chocolate mousse, cake, a crispy biscuit layer, nuts and even candied fruit.

    Melted chocolate is drizzled onto ice-cold cakes. Then for the stunning decoration: a speckle of golden powder, and a dab of gold leaf: pretty as a picture. These are the creations of 33-year old Cheng.

    Cheng Yu-hsuan
    I’ve worked hard to create a distinctive system of chocolate that is really Taiwanese, and to develop this system into a chocolate language that can be accepted globally, that is legible globally.

    Cheng incorporates local ingredients such as sesame oil, plums, and maqaw into his chocolates. In 2016 they won him a bronze and a silver at the International Chocolate Awards.

    Cheng Yu-hsuan
    Even though Taiwan only started growing cocoa relatively recently, they think our skills are very high-level, both in our agricultural skills and in later stages of processing.

    Each chocolate is a tiny work of art. Cheng has featured in magazines in Italy and Japan, and his growing fame saw him invited to exhibit work at the Salon du Chocolat Paris, three years in a row: the only Taiwanese chocolatier to receive the honor. Originally Cheng studied foreign languages at National Sun Yat-sen University.

    Cheng Yu-hsuan
    Because my father was a teacher of Chinese literature, he thought, if I’m foreign studying languages, I should go onto do a master’s and become a professor, and so on. But throughout my four years at university, I was teaching myself all about chocolate.

    Cheng fell into the world of chocolate at 19, going to a French culinary school. After bringing his skills back home, he opened this chocolate shop. His dedication – and the irresistible chocolates themselves – finally convinced his parents. Now he plans to open a branch in France.

    Cheng Yu-hsuan
    Taiwanese culture is completely intertwined with our creations. Taking them to France means promoting Taiwanese culture.

    Although Cheng’s plans are on hold, due to COVID, he still dreams of bringing a sweet taste of his homeland to the world.
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    用巧克力譜寫傳奇 33歲鄭畬軒奪國際大獎





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