Taipei to set up two ‘bilingual’ elementary schools (2017/04/20)
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    Taipei to set up two ‘bilingual’ elementary schools (2017/04/20)

    Taipei has decided to take a new approach to boost the English language skills of the city's students. Beginning in September, two public elementary schools will be upgraded to "bilingual" status, which means that much more of the school's curriculum, including physical education, will be conducted in English.

    This is English class at Dongxin Elementary School, complete with a full-sized model of a rhinoceros.

    Students read along with the teacher and answer questions. The class desperately wants to learn English because Dongxin Elementary will become one of two "bilingual" elementary schools in Taipei starting this September.

    English Teacher
    They're very good students. They always get their work done, and they ask questions and they're very respectful to you and they're very eager to learn. They like to learn.

    Once Dongxin becomes "bilingual," first graders who only had to take two English classes a week before the change will have eight classes a week - or about a third of the total class load - in English.

    Cheng Sheng-yuan
    Dongxin Elementary School Principal
    The eight classes a week will include the original 2 English classes as well as three classes centered on specific themes. There will be two phys ed classes in English and one class where we use English picture books or practice scenarios from daily life.
    The "bilingual" schools will cost about the same to attend as other public elementary schools, a point which should make them a big draw with parents eager for their children to learn English.
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    轉型雙語小學 東新.文昌兩校9月試辦






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