As Hong Kong protests continue, demand for gas masks soars (2019/08/13)
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    As Hong Kong protests continue, demand for gas masks soars (2019/08/13)

    Over the past few weeks, Hong Kong police have turned to firing tear gas to disperse crowds. Such assaults have driven up the demand for gas masks and other equipment that protesters use for protection. Here in Taiwan, retailers report that sales of gas mask cartridges have shot up since the protests began. The retailers say many buyers appear to be Hong Kongers, who snap up dozens of units of defensive equipment at a time.

    As Hong Kong's anti-extradition bill protests escalate, demand has increased for gear to protect against tear gas fired by police. Here in Taiwan, the demand has brought up sales of gas masks and filters.

    Half mask respirators have become a must for people taking to the streets in Hong Kong. This retailer used to sell no more than 100 such masks in a year. Since protests started, it's sold 500 a month.

    Voice of Ms. Chang
    Respirator seller
    Recently, we've been getting Hong Kongers every few days. They come to the company and buy masks and cotton filter products. Almost all of them bring suitcases. They buy 20 to 30 units at a time.

    Before, only around 300 gas mask cartridges would be sold in a year. Since the protests began, more than 2,000 have been sold. Some varieties are sold out, like the No. 502 filter retainer, which will not be available until a shipment arrives from the U.S. in November.

    Voice of Ms. Chang
    Respirator seller
    If you add up the sales from gas masks, gas mask cartridges, filter retainers and cotton filters, then in the space of just one month, we made almost NT$1 million.

    Meanwhile, demand for other protective gear like goggles has also shot up. But despite the surge in sales, many Taiwan retailers still say they'd rather see the situation in Hong Kong deescalate soon.
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    對抗港警催淚瓦斯 台灣濾毒罐搶購一空




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    "在整個面具加上 濾毒罐還有加上濾棉蓋 ,以及濾棉這樣的一個出貨狀況的話,在一個月的期間當中,我們已經有將近百萬的銷售額"

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