Little piggy banks in support of DPP candidate’s campaign return home (2011/12/18)
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    Little piggy banks in support of DPP candidate’s campaign return home (2011/12/18)

    DPP presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen has tried to drum up support for her campaign by distributing piggy banks and having people make small contributions. More than 100,000 of them returned to Taipei today to generate more buzz for Tsai’s election bid.

    Piggy banks were mobilized to return to Taipei for the second time Sunday. More than 110,000 were sent to the capital from around Taiwan.

    A hundred and fourteen young people used over 18,000 of the piggy banks to create a huge map of Taiwan, to symbolize peace and justice spreading around the island. The pig’s faces were pointed at the Presidential Office to demonstrate the DPP’s resolve to win the election.

    A six-year-old girl was the last person to fill out the map. After that, the youth group joined hands around the map to symbolize the safeguarding of Taiwan.

    Tang Yu-cheng
    DPP Spokeswoman
    After Dec. 24, these little pigs will re-emerge as installation art. They will reappear at the 36 campaign rallies still to be held by the Democratic Progressive Party. So some of the pigs will be at evening rallies and get the chance to see everybody again.

    The DPP hopes that the enthusiasm generated by the piggy banks will carry through to Election Day and push Tsai Ing-wen to victory.
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    [[民進黨發言人 康裕成]]
    “12月24號之後 這些回娘家小豬,會化身為裝置藝術 在未來36場,民主進步黨造勢晚會出現,所以有的小豬將在造勢晚會,跟大家再度見面”


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