22 asymptomatic COVID cases went undetected: public health expert (2020/06/29)
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    22 asymptomatic COVID cases went undetected: public health expert (2020/06/29)

    An estimated 22 asymptomatic COVID cases went undetected in Taiwan between March 19 and June 20. That figure is based on the latest models for epidemic spread. Chen Hsiu-hsi of National Taiwan University's College of Public Health made the assessment at a press conference on Monday. But he said that the risk of a community outbreak is negligible, as long as the number of asymptomatic cases stays below 150.

    When asked about this estimate, the head of the Central Epidemic Command Center Chen Shih-chung said he's never denied the possibility of COVID cases going undetected. He emphasized that Taiwan has a reliable screening system that uses highly accurate tests. He said that if the public takes proper safety precautions, Taiwan has a good shot at preventing a second coronavirus wave.
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    全台22人無症狀感染 陳時中:社區感染機率低


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