This year’s GDP growth is forecast by the statistics bureau to stand at 4.64% in a seven-year high (2021/02/22)
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    This year’s GDP growth is forecast by the statistics bureau to stand at 4.64% in a seven-year high (2021/02/22)

    While the pandemic may have caused the global economy to plummet last year, Taiwan has been an exception. According to the latest figures from the statistics bureau, Taiwan's GDP growth in the last quarter was the fifth highest in the world. And this year's GDP is expected to reach 4.64%, a seven-year high. Experts point to three factors that will help boost the economy in 2021 - domestic demand, export sales and foreign capital.

    It is the annual sales season in the major department stores, where floods of shoppers have turned up. Not only has Taiwan's domestic consumption been unaffected by the epidemic, Taiwan's economy came out near the top of the world in 2020. The statistics bureau recently released its latest GDP growth figures, and it turns out that fourth quarter GDP growth in 2020 reached 5.09% with an annual figure of 3.11%. The GDP forecast for 2021 has now been significantly revised upwards, from 3.83% to 4.64%, the highest leap in seven years.

    Darson Chiu
    Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
    In addition to high tech exports, traditional industries have also returned to normal operations. The fundamentals of the economic engine look quite promising now. Thanks to the world's central banks' continuing with monetary easing, capital will look for reliable investment targets, and Taiwan is certainly one.

    In addition to the continuous growth of private consumption, Taiwan's export market is relying on emerging virtual long-distance business opportunities, which are boosting electronics exports. Coupled with continuous quantitative easing, hot money is pouring into Taiwan stocks. Looking at the GDPs of Asian countries in 2020, Taiwan comes out on top with 3.11%, followed by China at 2.3% and South Korea at -1%. Meanwhile, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong have dropped to as low as -4% to -6%.

    Darson Chiu
    Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
    According to IHS Markit's latest estimate, Taiwan's GDP this year stands at 4%. So this year, Taiwan's GDP will indeed be 4% with an eye on 5%. There shouldn't be any problems with that.

    The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research estimates that in 2021, commodity exports are expected to reach US$378.4 billion in a four year high and private consumption could even break the NT$10 trillion mark, the highest increase in 17 years. All of this will help Taiwan's economy to soar in the Year of the Ox.

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    值得期待! 主計處上修今年GDP成長率至4.64%


    百貨周年慶,人潮爆滿,台灣內需消費絲毫不受疫情影響,連帶讓台灣經濟在2020年獨占鰲頭,主計處公布最新經濟成長率,去年第4季 ,單季GDP來到5.09%,全年GDP3.11%,更大幅上修2021全年GDP預測,從原先3.83%上調至4.64%,創下7年新高。

    [[台經院景氣預測中心研究員 邱達生]]
    “出口除了高科技,傳產 也都恢復正常,這引擎基本上在今年是相當看好,受惠於主要的國際央行,都還是持續維持寬鬆力道,因此這些資金,一定會去尋找國際上,比較可靠的投資標的,那也就是台灣(台股)”



    [[台經院景氣預測中心研究員 邱達生]]
    “像是ihs markit 它最新的預估,台灣今年會有4.0%,所以說今年,的確台灣(GDP)應該是,坐4望5是沒有問題的”

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