Macaque at Hsinchu Zoo explores the joys of smartphone ownership (2021/02/23)
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    Macaque at Hsinchu Zoo explores the joys of smartphone ownership (2021/02/23)

    A macaque at Hsinchu Zoo has brought joy to hundreds of visitors and online fans, by exploring smartphone ownership. After the phone was dropped in the long-tailed macaques' enclosure, one monkey took quite a shine to the gadget. His experiments to find a use for the device delighted monkey-lovers across Taiwan.

    Sitting high up on a tree stump, a long-tailed macaque fiddles with a smartphone. Occasionally he looks carefully into the screen, later lifting it up to rest on his forehead. The phone-addicted visitors at the zoo could see themselves mirrored in him.

    Yang Chu-yuan
    Hsinchu Zoo head
    We assume a visitor accidentally dropped their phone near our long-tailed macaques while trying to take a photo, and the macaques picked it up out of curiosity, to play with.

    The amusing scene unfolded at Hsinchu Zoo when a macaque got hold of a visitor’s phone. The priceless footage sparked lots of reactions online.

    As zookeepers explain, the macaques’ original habitat is in Southeast Asia. Also known as crab-eating macaques, they are social creatures, believed to have an IQ equivalent to a child aged two or three.

    Yang Chu-yuan
    Hsinchu Zoo head
    We urge visitors to be very careful when taking photos. You must take good care and hold onto all your items, to avoid dropping them in the animals’ enclosures. We also worry animals could be injured or things like that.

    Zookeepers have taken this monkey’s phone away for now. They are waiting for an owner to come forward to collect it. But this is one misplaced item that has brought smiles to many faces – across two species, at that.
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