KMT’s Sean Lien seeks to rally supporters as he registers for Taipei mayoral race (2014/09/02)
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    KMT’s Sean Lien seeks to rally supporters as he registers for Taipei mayoral race (2014/09/02)

    Several candidates for the year-end elections registered today, among them the KMT nominee for mayor of Taipei, Sean Lien. As Lien seeks to make up ground in the polls, he again used a World War II analogy to try to rally supporters. But with friendly fire still coming from city council candidates in his own party, Lien has his work cut out.

    When registering for the year-end election, Sean Lien was flanked by a large contingent of supporters that included Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin and city council candidates. Despite trailing in the polls and running in his first election, Lien expressed confidence.

    Sean Lien
    KMT Taipei Nominee
    The time has come for us to strike back. Today is our Normandy invasion, and we will move bravely forward to victory.

    Lien used the Normandy analogy to express his vision of turning the tide in the Taipei race. But he won’t have full support of his own camp. Yesterday four KMT city council candidates from Nangang and Neihu districts criticized Lien’s proposal to move Taipei First Funeral Parlor to the Shanzhuku Landfill Site. Today only two showed up to support Lien, one of whom was critical.

    Lee Yen-hsiu
    KMT Taipei City Councilor
    When considering future policy ideas, if you don’t have citizen participation or support of experts and scholars, then I don’t think you should suggest facilities that lead to a NIMBY, or not in my backyard, reaction, nor should you state possible locations.

    The landfill is located in Nangang, where, according to the latest poll from the China Times, Lien trails independent candidate Ko Wen-je by 25 percentage points.
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