Finger-pointing between Taipei, New Taipei after opposing decisions on typhoon day (2018/07/11)
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    Finger-pointing between Taipei, New Taipei after opposing decisions on typhoon day (2018/07/11)

    Typhoon Maria left the island this morning, but a storm of words emerged in its wake. New Taipei declared Wednesday a typhoon day, while Taipei and Keelung kept it a regular workday. Today the mayors of Taipei and Keelung threw shade on New Taipei's decision to call a holiday despite relatively mild weather conditions. But New Taipei Deputy Mayor Lee Shu-chuan defended the decision, saying that weather conditions in some New Taipei districts had in fact met the requirements for a cancellation.

    This popular breakfast shop located in Yunghe, New Taipei, still had quite a few customers early in the morning despite New Taipei declaring Wednesday a typhoon day. The reason? Most of these customers work in Taipei City, where it was business as usual.

    For the first time, Taipei and New Taipei made conflicting decisions on whether or not to call a typhoon day. It was reported that New Taipei decided first to declare a day off, with just two of its coastal districts meeting the cancellation requirements, and then put pressure on Taipei City and Keelung to follow suit.

    Lee Shu-chuan
    New Taipei Deputy Mayor
    The winds were of course the strongest on the northeast coast, which includes Jinshan, Ruifang, and Gongliao, but the heavy rains fell in Wulai and Xindian, so we did consider declaring a day off for just the northeastern districts, but we didn’t know where to draw the line between a day off and workday.

    In response to New Taipei bucking the trend, Keelung Mayor Lin Yu-chang was quick to accuse New Taipei of pandering to the electorate by giving its residents a holiday.

    Lee Shu-chuan
    New Taipei Deputy Mayor
    There are people who scolded us for the decision we made, so I usually say to people, only God can make an accurate prediction.

    And the “God” in this case could very well be him.

    As the rain tapered off Wednesday morning, locals took to the internet to praise Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je for making the right decision to keep Wednesday a workday. Netizens soon dubbed Ko a god for foreseeing the future.

    In principle, we should decide based on a consensus. However, when it becomes clear that the consensus has departed from professional judgment, I would honor professional judgment. If we invest long-term in building a meteorological team, and then we ignore what the team says, then what is the point of having this team?

    Ko seemed nonplussed by New Taipei’s decision to call a typhoon day.

    New Taipei is a large area. If we apply the same set of standards on all the districts from Gongliao to Linkou, then the standards may become meaningless. A typhoon has its radius, so if we had to do it again, then maybe we should declare a day off for just the coastal districts.

    However, regarding Taipei City’s decision to cancel work and classes at 4:00 p.m. a day earlier, which led to traffic chaos, Ko admitted that it had not been the right decision, and that they should have just canceled work and classes for the evening.
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