Master painter brings out brush for renovation of ancient temple in Yunlin (2020/11/20)
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    Master painter brings out brush for renovation of ancient temple in Yunlin (2020/11/20)

    One of Taiwan's oldest temples, founded in the 18th century, is undergoing a major renovation, and master painter Hung Ping-shun, who is considered by many as a living national treasure, has brought out his brush to help renew Xiluo Fuxing Temple in Yunlin. After a life dedicated to painting, Hung says he will keep on creating art for as long as he can.

    Master Hung lies on a raised platform to paint the ceiling. Every stroke is carefully placed, with a ruler helping his suspended brush hand stay steady.

    Hung Ping-shun
    Master painter
    I'm getting old now. How long can I keep up my painting? Doing this trade, I know as well as anyone, I'm at the end of my life. So as long as they want it done right, if the temple has work for me, I'm happy to do it.

    Hung, a living national treasure, was recognized by the Ministry of Culture in 2018. His art has made a vital contribution to preserving the painting in traditional buildings. This year, as Yunlin's Xiluo Fuxing Temple is renovated, he was asked if he would come and grace the temple with his work.

    Hung Ping-shun
    Master painter
    I don't do it for fame or money. I was interested in painting since I was little. Honestly, what else was I supposed to do? I really can't do anything else.

    Master Hung says he makes the colors as simple as possible, avoiding excess and gaudiness, and sticks to tradition.

    Liu Chun-ting
    Xiluo Fuxing Temple
    We want to use the perspective of older people. We want to draw together exemplary local craftsmen from across Yunlin, to exhibit their mastery in this renovation of Fuxing Temple, and also to leave here these important traditional arts, which are treasures in contemporary art.

    Founded in 1723, Fuxing Temple is also known as the Old Street Matsu Temple. The renovation of the rear temple of Guanyin and the two side cloisters is expected to be complete next year.

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