Japan-Taiwan Relations (2017/01/03)
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    Japan-Taiwan Relations (2017/01/03)

    Japan’s representative office in Taiwan held a ceremony today to celebrate its renaming as the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association. Japan’s Chief Representative Mikio Numata was joined at the event by Chiu I-jen, Numata’s counterpart in Taiwan, who hailed the move as a concrete step forward for relations between Taiwan and Japan.

    Japan’s Interchange Association reopened its doors in 2017 as the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Assocation, holding a ceremony today to mark its new name.

    Mikio Numata
    Japanese Representative to Taiwan
    Only 14 percent of Taiwanese knew of the Interchange Association, so we started to research the possibility of changing our name. The goal was to incorporate “Japan” and “Taiwan” directly into the name, so as to more clearly indicate the parties involved in these exchanges, and to increase the proportion of people aware of our association.

    Chiu I-jen
    Association of East Asian Relations President
    The product of this hard work is by no means simply a symbolic gesture, and it’s not just a case of changing the name alone. Otherwise it wouldn’t have taken as long as it did, and wouldn’t have been as difficult as it was.

    The head of one local NGO in attendance at the event called on the government to seize the moment and change the names of Taiwan’s own overseas diplomatic offices in kind. He argued that the Association of East Asian Relations should follow suit and change its own name to something like the “Taiwan-Japan Relations Association.”

    Chang Yeh-sen
    Northern Taiwan Society Chairman
    Trump’s recognition of Tsai as the President of Taiwan and the newly renamed Japan-Taiwan Exchange Assocation (are moves) that give our Taiwan access to the international community.

    Japan’s decision to rename its diplomatic office in Taiwan marks the first time the country has incorporated “Taiwan” into the name of its representative institution since it officially broke off relations in 1972.
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    日本台灣交流協會揭牌 邱義仁親自到場祝賀



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