Foreign minister Joseph Wu discusses Taiwan’s approach to COVID-19 (2020/03/25)
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    Foreign minister Joseph Wu discusses Taiwan’s approach to COVID-19 (2020/03/25)

    In an appearance on the U.S.-based Fox Business television network, foreign minister Joseph Wu discussed how Taiwan was keeping its coronavirus numbers relatively low. Speaking on the show “Mornings with Maria,” Wu said that Taiwan tightened its border controls as early as December of last year. He said another key to Taiwan’s success so far has been information transparency, which creates a public armed with the knowledge they need to fight the epidemic.

    Foreign Minister Wu spoke live at the U.S.-based Fox Business news show “Mornings with Maria.” He discussed how Taiwan had managed to keep the number of COVID-19 infections low.

    Joseph Wu
    Foreign minister
    It has to go back to 2003. In that year we were hit very hard by SARS and we learned how to deal with it. Well, on Dec. 31 last year, we started doing the onboard checking for those passengers coming back from Wuhan. We also strengthened our checking facilities in the airport on all passengers coming in.

    Wu said that Taiwan’s experience with SARS had prompted the government to start prevention early, at the end of last year. The show’s host compared the number of confirmed cases in China and Taiwan, praising Taiwan’s handling of the coronavirus.

    Maria Bartiromo
    There’s been an incredible approach and a very successful one. You’re located – Taiwan – 81 miles away from mainland China, and you’ve been able to manage this coronavirus outbreak.

    Joseph Wu
    Foreign minister
    We have to set up our medical system so that they are properly prepared to deal with the situation. And we also understand that there might be economic impact so have our Ministry of Economic Affairs and also the Ministry of Finance to come up with packages to help the industries deal with the situation. We also go through public messaging. Public officials go on television every evening to update the public and also to tell the public what is a good practice.

    Taiwan’s public health measures have caught attention around the world. Meanwhile China has announced that its epidemic is contained, saying there have been no local infections in recent days. Beijing is now trying to share its experience with the outbreak, donating vast amounts of medical resources abroad and dispatching experts to speak at countries around the world. It’s drawn an outpouring of gratitude from the beneficiaries, Chinese media reports.

    Footage on state media shows Serbia’s president welcoming a team of Chinese experts to his country. The president kisses China’s flag as music plays. A Taiwan lawmaker says that China was working to rewrite coronavirus history, as well as make a dig at Taiwan.

    Lo Chih-cheng
    DPP lawmaker
    This kind of large-scale foreign propaganda campaign by China to a certain extent is also to belittle Taiwan, saying Taiwan is part of China. So we have to highlight that we are different from China. Our public health measures are better than China’s and that’s a very important entry point.

    Minister Wu appeared on Fox Business Network, which has over 74 million subscribers. The news show “Mornings with Maria” has an average viewership of around 100,000 people.

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    反制中國大外宣 吳釗燮上美媒談防疫


    交部長吳釗燮,透過越洋連線和美國福斯電視台"Mornings with Maria"節目分享,台灣如何讓武漢肺炎的確診數字維持低點。

    [[外交部長 吳釗燮]]


    [[福斯財經節目主持人 Maria]]
    “這是個不可思議的方法,也很成功 你們距離中國只有81英哩,你們卻可以把病毒阻隔境外”

    [[外交部長 吳釗燮]]



    [[立委(民) 羅致政]]

    這次吳釗燮接受訪問的福斯商業新聞網,付費觀眾群約7400多萬名用戶,而"Mornings with Maria"節目平均每日收視約10萬多人。
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