DPP says discipline aimed at breakaway candidates, not Ko’s supporters (2018/08/09)
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    DPP says discipline aimed at breakaway candidates, not Ko’s supporters (2018/08/09)

    The DPP has announced that it intends to discipline party members who violate rules in the local elections. The announcement immediately triggered debate and controversy. Some observers believe the DPP is targeting party members who have spoken favorably of Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je, who is running for reelection without the DPP's support. The DPP stepped out today to clarify that the disciplinary action would target only party members who were running in the election against the party's orders.

    Hsu Chia-ching
    DPP Deputy Secretary-General
    Lan Shih-tsun will either resign from the party, or we'll expel him. It's one or the other. We've been collecting names since August 27 and will continue to do so until August 31. On September 1, we'll start to go through them. From Northern Taiwan to Southern Taiwan, proceedings will be initiated against anyone who has violated party rules.

    Yesterday this DPP official called out Taipei's Civil Affairs Commissioner Lan Shih-tsung, who has declared that he will support the reelection campaign of Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je, even at risk of expulsion from the DPP. The official's words have touched off controversy, with some taking her to mean that the DPP plans to target the Taipei mayor's supporters. Ko could count among his supporters Taipei Councilor Kao Chia-yu and Taipei Deputy Mayor Chen Chin-jun.

    Chen Chin-jun
    Taipei Deputy Mayor
    When we were in power in 2000, we invited Hau Lung-bin, who was a member of the New Party at the time, to serve in our Cabinet as environmental minister. Why is it that we're allowed to recruit from other parties, but when people from other parties recruit us to serve the people, it triggers such a maelstrom?

    As controversy mounted, DPP Secretary-General Hung Yao-fu took to the frontlines to address the matter.

    Hung Yao-fu
    DPP Secretary-General
    I think that this "inventory taking" is more about disciplining party members who are participating in the election against party orders. As Yao Wen-chih's campaign director, I need to exercise restraint. Yao Wen-chih's campaign workers shouldn't be making statements that take them beyond serving a supporting role.

    Yao Wen-chih's campaign director was issuing a word of caution to his own staff, urging them to not inflame the infighting and add intensity to what's already seen as a rancorous election in Taipei.
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