DPP pans friendly nature of Xi-Siew meeting (2014/11/10)
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    DPP pans friendly nature of Xi-Siew meeting (2014/11/10)

    Both Chinese President Xi Jinping and former Taiwanese Vice President Vincent Siew stressed cooperation in their meeting on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum on Sunday. But the positive vibe was countered today by DPP Legislator Tsai Huang-liang, who said that despite Xi’s benign words, Beijing’s insistence on the one China policy has not changed.

    Siew was representing President Ma Ying-jeou when he met Xi at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Sunday.

    Vincent Siew
    Former Vice President
    Over more than six years, the two sides of the strait have used the 1992 consensus to reach a new milestone in peace and prosperity. As relations continue to advance, both sides must ensure that the three key principles do not change.

    Besides the so-called 1992 consensus, Siew was referring to peaceful cross-Taiwan Strait development and systematic forging of economic cooperation. Xi offered his own idealisms on the principles that should govern cross-strait relations.

    Xi Jinping
    Chinese President
    Both sides of the strait must continue strengthening confidence, increasing mutual trust, respecting one another and interacting positively.

    Xi’s decision not to broach the one China, two systems subject was interpreted as a gesture of goodwill. After the meeting, Siew said his tasks were achieved, though opposition lawmaker Tsai Huang-liang suggested that Xi harbored different ideas behind his pleasantries.

    Tsai Huang-liang
    DPP Legislator
    The only 1992 consensus that Xi Jinping will tolerate is one that adheres to the principle of one China.

    A TSU legislator said that Beijing treats meetings with Taiwanese representative as domestic affairs, and in the process belittles Taiwanese sovereignty. But according to the Ma administration, everything was handled based on precedent.
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