Nantou’s Lugu Township proposes tourist tax of NT$10 per person (2019/07/11)
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    Nantou’s Lugu Township proposes tourist tax of NT$10 per person (2019/07/11)

    Every summer, tourists flock to Nantou’s Lugu Township, bringing noise, pollution and overcrowding. The township council has passed a bill to charge all visitors NT$10 each, to fund infrastructure and relieve the strain on the tourist sector. If this bill is approved by the Ministry of Finance, Lugu would become Taiwan’s first township to charge a tourist tax.

    Summer has come to Xitou, and with it hordes of tourists. Year after year, the influx of people and cars brings congestion and air pollution to Lugu Township. To fight the negative impact of tourism, the local township office wants to introduce a tourist tax.

    Hsu Miao-ling
    Lugu Township Office
    The tax revenue can be used for environmental upkeep or to improve the roads, transport and street lights.

    Back in May, the Lugu township council approved a plan put forward by the township office. It calls for charging a tourist tax at three major attractions in the township: the Xitou Nature Education Area, the Fenghuang Nature Education Area and the Fengghuanggu Bird and Ecological Park. Under the plan, locals don’t have to pay a tax, but visitors of any age are charged NT$10 each.

    The NTU Experimental Forest, which manages the attractions, says it will fully cooperate with the tax policy if it’s approved by the central government.

    Hung Chih-yuan
    NTU Experimental Forest
    So long as the central government approves it, the experimental forest will assist in the implementation.

    Li Meng-chen
    Nantou County Tourism Office
    In our county’s jurisdiction, when other districts are raising funds for the development of sightseeing, we will encourage them to implement this model.

    The local government says it wants to impose a reasonable tourist tax that will improve the sightseeing ecosystem in Xitou and preserve the locals’ quality of life. The tax will come into effect if approved by the Ministry of Finance.

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    “把這些稅收,當成環境的維護推展,或者說來改善道路、交通 還有路燈。”



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