Discovery Channel features Taiwan agricultural and biomedical innovations (2020/10/16)
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    Discovery Channel features Taiwan agricultural and biomedical innovations (2020/10/16)

    Award-winning documentary series "Taiwan Revealed" has returned for a fifth season. Coproduced by Discovery Channel and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the latest season has two episodes that feature Taiwan's agricultural and biomedical innovations.

    Discovery Channel and the foreign ministry have launched the fifth season of the documentary series "Taiwan Revealed."

    Mark Huang
    Discovery Channel senior producer
    They're based on real people, real stories, and how Taiwan has used agriculture to help the world. Taiwan is also known as a technology island. So of course biomedical is one of the areas we excel in.

    The first episode premiered on Oct. 11, showcasing innovations in smart agriculture. One of them is a technology that can turn food waste into fertilizer in just three hours. It took a team at Tetani AgriBiotech seven years to perfect this method.

    Dr. Young Chiu-chung
    Tetanti AgriBiotech founder
    Traditional composting uses microorganisms. It takes a long time, about three months. When we use enzymes, it can be finished within three hours, which cuts down on a lot of time.

    There's also this agricultural drone developed by GEOSAT Aerospace & Technology. Traditionally it takes 30 to 40 minutes to manually spray one hectare, but this drone takes only 10 to 15 minutes.

    The second episode, which premieres Oct. 18, focuses on Taiwan's biomedical breakthroughs. In one innovation, the Tri-Service General Hospital uses AI diagnostics to determine the cause of cardiac emergencies. By simply analyzing real-time electrocardiography data, there's no need to wait for patients' blood results.


    Also featured is the world's smallest molecular rapid test system developed by Industrial Technology Research Institute. It's a highly accurate COVID test that weighs just 600 grams.

    Chiang Pei-hsin
    Industrial Technology Research Institute
    It is a portable molecular detection system. For most nucleic acid detection systems, the weight is about 10 kilograms.

    Henry Ming-jeng Chen
    Foreign ministry official
    Due to the global impact of COVID-19 this year, Taiwan's efforts in epidemic prevention have also been valued by the international community. Therefore, in the biomedical technology sector, the production team specially studied the past results of Taiwan's epidemic prevention, as well as possible future contributions to epidemic prevention, including screening and vaccine development.

    The fifth season of "Taiwan Revealed will air in Asia-Pacific countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia starting Oct. 11

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    台灣無比精采系列節目 邁入第五集



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