Some in KMT call for cutting ‘China’ out of party name (2020/01/14)
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    Some in KMT call for cutting ‘China’ out of party name (2020/01/14)

    A groundswell for reform is rising up in the KMT, after its crushing defeat in last Saturday’s elections. As some in the KMT call for new leadership and policies, others clamor for a new party name. Tainan Councilor Tsai Yu-hui says that the KMT, also known as the Chinese Nationalist Party, should do away with the reference to China so that more people can identify with the party. Also on Tuesday, several members of the KMT’s Central Standing Committee resigned from their posts.

    At a press conference, reelected lawmakers Johnny Chiang and Chiang Wan-an, along with Taipei Councilor William Hsu, announced their resignation from the KMT Central Standing Committee.

    Johnny Chiang
    KMT lawmaker
    The party chairman is not the only one to blame for our election loss and failure. The Central Standing Committee has not been allowed to move policies in the right direction, to lead the party in the elections or to handle party reform or development. In the Jan. 11 elections, we lost majority support. I hereby announce my resignation from the Central Standing Committee.

    Chiang Wan-an
    KMT lawmaker
    In stepping down from the Central Standing Committee, I not only take responsibility but also express the hope that in the future, our policymaking mechanism and methods can be more closely aligned with public opinion.

    Following its election defeat, the KMT is facing an internal reckoning. Some blame the loss on the party’s China stance. Others say the party’s name was part of the problem.

    Tsai Yu-hui
    KMT Tainan councilor
    The Chinese Nationalist Party is in Taiwan. That is a fact. For the sake of winning elections, regaining office, and improving people’s lives, we can remove the word “China” in the party’s name. If that makes it easier to campaign, win elections, and serve the people, then why not do it?

    Lin Wei-chou
    KMT lawmaker
    We could open it up for discussion. We could change the name to “Nationalist Party of Taiwan.” Or just “Nationalist Party.” Or “True Nationalist Party.” All that can be discussed. We could seek a new platform or positions that fit with the current Constitutional definition of our nation.

    Previous KMT defeats had already given rise to discussions of putting Taiwan first and revising the party’s name to leave out references to China. But no consensus was reached within the party.

    Lee Yen-hsiu
    KMT lawmaker
    The name of the Chinese Nationalist Party has a historical origin. I feel that in the absence of true reform, changing the party name isn’t very meaningful. Changing the name has implications that are far-reaching in terms of complexity and historical origins.

    Jason Hsu
    KMT lawmaker
    If we want to change the name, everyone will have to discuss what the new name will be, right? “Nationalist Party of Taiwan.” “Nationalist Party.” “Nationalist Party of the R.O.C.” All this discussion over the name would lead to another schism in the party.

    The KMT has changed its name four times since its founding as the Revive China Society in 1894 by Sun Yat-sen. All the revisions occurred before the R.O.C. government retreated to Taiwan in 1949.
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    改名更接地氣? 國民黨基層釀"去中國化"



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