Control Yuan member out to defend Sun Yat-sen’s legacy (2010/08/11)
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    Control Yuan member out to defend Sun Yat-sen’s legacy (2010/08/11)

    A member of the Control Yuan is out to make sure people don’t shame the nation’s founder. Chou Yang-sun周陽山 became incensed when he heard that an advisor to the committee planning centennial celebrations for the Republic of China criticized Sun Yat-sen. Chou now wants to make sure that a documentary the committee will commission on Sun pays due justice to the revolutionary figure.

    The Cultural Affairs Council won’t invite bids to produce the Sun Yat-sen documentary until the end of the month. But an advisor to the Republic of China Centenary Foundation, Ping Lu, has already commented on Sun. Ping says Sun was a revolutionary dreamer. She says Lenin laughed at him and called him naive. Ping also says Sun was lacking in abstract thought when he decided on the main points of his nation-building team and his three principles of the people. Control Yuan member Chou Yang-sun is not happy.

    Chou Yang-sun
    Control Yuan Member
    A lot of this is getting historical facts wrong. It won’t be appropriate if public funds are used and she puts her subjective thoughts into the film.

    Emile Sheng
    Cultural Affairs Minister
    She isn’t the producer. Our subjective thoughts on the nation’s founder and the fact that we want to film a documentary are two separate things.

    Cultural Affairs Minister Emile Sheng says the matter is just a misunderstanding and that the film will stick to the facts.

    Emile Sheng
    Cultural Affairs Minister
    A lot of documentaries on Sun tend to deify him, but we want to look at him from a more human perspective. But we’ll definitely adhere to historical facts.

    The council plans to spend NT$10 million on a film that’s causing a stir before it has even been made. The attention already placed on the film means the council is burdened with making sure the money is spent wisely.

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