Bureau of Energy may limit air conditioning to just 28 degrees in some public spaces (2014/05/12)
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    Bureau of Energy may limit air conditioning to just 28 degrees in some public spaces (2014/05/12)

    The Bureau of Energy is considering limiting air conditioning in certain types of public spaces to no lower than 28 degrees. It could also expand the range of public spaces that already face air conditions restrictions.

    Conditions for salon goers like this could soon become a little warmer as the government is considering mandating that air conditioners in public spaces not be set lower than 28 degrees.

    “When blow drying hair, temperatures can get quite hot. I think it would be uncomfortable to limit us to 28 degrees.”

    Plans to stop construction on and mothball the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant led the bureau to schedule a national energy conference in August. One item for discussion will be restricting the use of air conditioning in six types of public spaces to no less than 26 degrees. The bureau may even limit minimum settings to 28 degrees. Some businesses worry that this could expose them to customer complaints.

    Lin Lei-zhen
    Salon Manager
    (Setting air conditioning) at 28 degrees is not a problem for shops to implement because it would reduce electricity costs, but it could cause some discomfort among customers.

    Li Guang-jue
    Cinema Public Relations
    A cinema is a confined space, so setting the temperature at 28 degrees could cause discomfort among the audience and lead people to breathe more carbon dioxide. (The government) hasn’t taken actual conditions into consideration.

    Last year the bureau implemented a 26-degree limit in department stores and supermarkets. It is considering ways to expand these restrictions in order to save more energy.

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