Tainan’s NCKU Hospital builds coronavirus screening facility (2020/02/13)
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    Tainan’s NCKU Hospital builds coronavirus screening facility (2020/02/13)

    National Cheng Kung University Hospital in Tainan has just completed a new temporary building - a state-of-the-art coronavirus screening facility. Established in just 10 days, the facility will offer a swift diagnosis to any patient deemed at risk. The hospital has been carefully designed to minimize all risk of local virus transmission.

    The floorboards are followed by the walls and the roof: a disease screening center is being set up with all haste in the parking lot at the front of NCKU Hospital. Constructors work around the clock.

    For 10 days, this has been a hive of continuous activity, as temporary buildings are erected. The plan is to give both patients and health care workers the best possible environs and to prevent any chance of coronavirus transmissions within the health care system.

    Dr. Yang I-ching
    NCKU Hospital spokesman
    The key thing is improving all the facilities and their security. This is super early planning. We hope to provide the best and safest possible screening and quarantine facilities.

    Originally the hospital built tent-style structures to screen possible coronavirus patients, but in light of factors like the weather, they’ve switched to these more robust facilities. Inside they’re equipped with moving X-ray rooms. The facility will service people who have been to China, Hong Kong or Macao within two weeks and who have fevers or respiratory symptoms.

    Prof. Lee Nan-yao
    NCKU Center for Disease Control
    We have some smart treatments that will target the disease. So we hope that it will only take 20 minutes from the patient walking in the door to getting a diagnosis.

    The facility has everything it needs, from safe screening equipment to all the essentials of any health care facility, and a well-signposted internal logistics system. The aim is to make patients comfortable and reassure them that the hospital is well up to the challenge.

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    防疫升級! 成大醫院搭建"組合屋檢疫站"




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