Executive Yuan talks stimulus vouchers (2020/06/29)
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    Executive Yuan talks stimulus vouchers (2020/06/29)

    The "Triple Stimulus Voucher" program is about to roll out. In a press event on Monday, officials said that paper vouchers will be available for preorder from July 1 to 7, and for on-the-spot purchase at post offices after July 15. The vouchers will also be available in an electronic format, as valued stored in credit cards, EasyCards, or mobile payment apps like Line Pay.

    The red-and-white envelope opens to reveal vouchers in NT$200 and NT$500 denominations. These are the Executive Yuan’s “Triple Stimulus Vouchers,” which will become available for preorder on July 1.

    Audrey Tang
    Minister without portfolio
    This time there are two main ways to obtain them: as paper vouchers or as digital vouchers.

    To get the paper vouchers, place an order between July 1 and July 7 on the official website, or preorder with an NHI card at a convenience store. You can also preorder on the NHI’s mobile app. The vouchers will be available for pickup at the four leading convenience store chains and at PX Marts. After July 15, you can bring your ID to collect them on the spot at post offices.

    Wang Mei-hua
    Economics minister
    R.O.C. nationals and their foreign spouses are eligible to purchase the vouchers. You can have someone pick the paper vouchers up for you, by having them present your ID and their own.

    You can also opt to receive the vouchers digitally by going to the program’s official webpage and connecting the vouchers to a banking partner. When using a credit card, all you have to do is spend NT$3,000 after July 15, and you will get a NT$2,000 refund. If your credit card is with CTBC Bank, Cathay United Bank or Taishin Bank, you can choose to collect that NT$2,000 at an ATM. If your card is not, the refund will appear in your next bill. You can also load the vouchers onto an EasyCard or Line Pay by registering and pairing your account.

    Audrey Tang
    Minister without portfolio
    We noticed that a lot of people registering on our website wanted to load them on their post office ATM cards. The post office website also has an area dedicated to the “Triple Stimulus Vouchers.” You can also use that to load the vouchers onto your account.

    The Executive Yuan issued a reminder that vouchers cannot be used to purchase tobacco and financial products, or to pay bills and fines. Selling the vouchers is also forbidden. Violators may face fines, and could even have their vouchers invalidated.

    Wang Mei-hua
    Economics minister
    “The vouchers are spent at my business. Can I use the vouchers to buy supplies?” Yes, that’s OK. What’s forbidden is if you directly selling vouchers in exchange for cash.

    The Executive Yuan outlined the rules of the vouchers scheme to crack down on misuse. They also broadcast a video on how to spot forgeries.
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    三倍券7/1線上預購 唐鳳親上火線說分明



    [[行政院政務委員 唐鳳]]


    [[經濟部長 王美花]]
    “有中華民國國民資格,或者是我們國民的配偶 (可以領) ,紙本可以代領(攜帶)代領人的證件,跟被代領的證件”

    另外民眾也可以選擇電子票券,先到網站綁定銀行業者,登錄資料,15日開始,信用卡刷滿三千後,可以領到2千元回饋,不過目前只有中信、國泰世華及台新銀可以選擇從提款機領現金,其他家銀行則是可以選擇回饋帳單,至於用悠遊卡,或是Line Pay來使用三倍券,也需事先登錄綁定。

    [[行政院政務委員 唐鳳]]


    [[經濟部長 王美花]]


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