Environmentalists criticize newly adopted air quality standards as too lax (2016/12/19)
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    Environmentalists criticize newly adopted air quality standards as too lax (2016/12/19)

    Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration adopted a new set of United States air pollution standards on December 1, a move that’s come under fire by environmentalists for relaxing controls on dangerous pollutants. Criticism has focused on the higher air quality warning threshold for PM10, a cancer-causing category of air pollutant that can cause lung and heart problems.

    Yeh Guang-peng
    Taiwan Healthy Air Alliance Founder
    In the old system, if PM10 reached 150 micrograms per cubic meter a red warning would be issued. But now the red warning threshold in the new US air quality index is set at 255 micrograms per cubic meter, a difference of about 100 micrograms per cubic meter.

    Environmental groups criticized the EPA’s decision to adopt the new AQI pollutant index, which effectively relaxes standards for PM10. The WHO considers PM10 a dangerous carcinogen, and recommends a maximum yearly exposure of no more than three days during which PM10 levels exceed 50 micrograms per cubic meter. However, 76 of Taiwan’s monitoring stations found that PM10 levels exceeded that threshold on more than 200 days in 2015.

    Yeh Guang-peng
    Taiwan Healthy Air Alliance Founder
    Taiwan has many days during which PM10 is in excess of 50 (micrograms per cubic meter), and actually many days over 60 and even 70 (micrograms). Taiwan’s average yearly PM10 levels are some three to four times the maximum recommended by the WHO.

    Chang Shun-chin
    EPA Environmental Monitoring Dept.
    (The new system) doesn’t distinguish between pollutants such as ozone, sulfur oxides, and others. But as long as they are air pollutants we will regulate them.

    Some experts suggest the EPA should implement UK air pollution standards, which they argue are stricter than the US standards recently adopted.
    中文 Chinese  
    AQI太寬鬆? 環署澄清:按美國標準制定

    環保署12月初採用美國空氣品質指標AQI,遭到環團痛批,標準變寬鬆,以前PM10只要到達150微克立方米,就是紅色警戒, 如今卻要高達255才算紅色警戒,造成民眾混淆,專家表示,PM10是一級致癌物,不只對肺部,甚至連心臟都有影響

    [[台灣健康空氣行動聯盟理事長 葉光芃]]


    [[台灣健康空氣行動聯盟理事長 葉光芃]]

    [[環保署環境監測資訊處副處長 張順欽]]

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