Heated words from the TSU after latest ECFA referendum rejection (2010/08/11)
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    Heated words from the TSU after latest ECFA referendum rejection (2010/08/11)

    The Taiwan Solidarity Union says it will not take its referendum rejection sitting down. After the government’s Referendum Review Committee rejected the party’s latest ECFA referendum proposal, Chairman Huang Kun-huei said the party will apply a third time. Former President Lee Teng-hui has given an even more heated response, saying that the only way for Taiwan to become truly democratic in his lifetime is for there to be a new president.

    Chao Yung-mao
    Referendum Review Committee Chairman
    This proposal is calling for both a substantive and a procedural referendum. The two are contradictory, so this committee has decided to reject the proposal.

    Two votes in favor, and 10 against. The Referendum Review Committee has again rejected a referendum on the economic cooperation framework agreement that Taiwan signed with China. The committee says the proposed question, which was signed by more than 100,000 people, contains a contradiction. Former President Lee Teng-hui responded.

    Lee Teng-hui
    Former President
    I’m already 89 years old. I don’t want to die until Taiwan has become truly democratic. But there’s only one way for that to happen. We need a new president. It’s the only way.

    Lee used strong words to say the Taiwan Solidarity Union can’t accept the reasons given for rejecting the referendum. Chairman Huang Kun-huei says the party will push ahead and apply a third time.

    Huang Kun-huei
    TSU Chairman
    I will work with the Taiwanese people to continue the signature drive. We will keep making proposals. We won’t stop until there’s a referendum on the ECFA.

    Huang used strong words to express his belief that referendums are a democracy’s last line of defense. He says the party will use the system to show people where the contradiction really lies.
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    [[公審會主委 趙永茂 ]]
    本案主文,理由既論實質性公投,又涉程序性公投 ,彼此相互矛盾,本委員會認定應駁回


    [[前總統 李登輝]]
    我已經89歲了,就要活到台灣能夠真正民主之後,我才要去死,只有一個辦法了啦,(總統)換人了 沒有其他辦法了


    [[台聯主席 黃昆輝]]
    昆輝跟台灣人民一定繼續進行連署,繼續提案,ECFA不公投 決不終止

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