60% support Kaohsiung mayor’s voluntary exit: poll (2020/03/25)
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    60% support Kaohsiung mayor’s voluntary exit: poll (2020/03/25)

    A new opinion poll shows that 58% of Kaohsiung City voters support the ongoing recall effort against Mayor Han Kuo-yu. According to the poll conducted by the Taiwan Brain Trust, another 60% of Kaohsiung voters favor the mayor’s voluntary resignation. The figures were released at a news conference on Wednesday, amid a recall process that could lead to a city-wide vote as early as June.

    With the recall movement in full swing, Taiwan Brain Trust released a survey on Kaohsiung public sentiment toward the campaign. Nearly 60% of respondents expressed support.

    Huang Di-ying
    Not only does Mayor Han Kuo-yu endorse Beijing’s official lines, he proposes projects like building a massive asylum for coronavirus patients. Or he says things about how the face mask policy is not smart, and then he gets a pie in the face from the international community. During a public health campaign, he even went so far as to hold up a bottle of disinfectant and claim that he could identify its ratio of alcohol to water using his nose. The people of Kaohsiung can’t take it anymore.

    Chen Chih-chung
    Kaohsiung councilor
    Of course he wants to showcase his accomplishments in office. We can sense that. The fact is that if he had focused his energies on governance at the outset, he might not have ended up in this situation. So why didn’t he, knowing this would be the outcome? The milk is already spilled.

    According to the poll, nearly 70% of Kaohsiung voters said they would participate in a recall vote if one were held. Nearly 60% of respondents said they would like to see the mayor voluntarily resign.

    Chen Li-fu
    Taiwan Association of University Professors
    There is an alternative to getting recalled. The easiest way out is to step down on his own. Officials who resign cannot be removed. In the event that a recall election is approved, Han’s only salvation would be a ban on voting issued by the commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center.

    If the recall succeeds, Kaohsiung will choose a replacement in a by-election. Reports indicate that the DPP’s top candidate is Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai. According to the poll, Chen would win a two-way against three potential rivals: Han’s wife Lee Chia-fen, Kaohsiung Deputy Mayor Yeh Kuang-shih and Deputy Mayor Lee Ssu-chuan.

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