2018 Taiwan Expo held across Southeast Asia to pave way for industry tie-ups (2018/10/10)
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    2018 Taiwan Expo held across Southeast Asia to pave way for industry tie-ups (2018/10/10)

    In response to the government's New Southbound Policy, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council has held editions of the 2018 Taiwan Expo in several countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Throughout the year, the expos showcased new developments in Taiwan's start-ups and helped connect Southeast Asian entrepreneurs with potential partners in Taiwan.

    This is the Taiwan Expo held in August 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. Besides promoting business exchanges and showcasing quality Taiwanese goods, the trade show gave visitors a chance to learn more about Taiwan.

    Chen Mei-ling
    National Development Council Minister
    Taiwan’s history of development in the ICT industry is unrivaled. We want to use the foundation we have in the semiconductor industry to build a new economic model.

    Curtis Wu
    3Egreen Technology CEO
    What we provide is actually an application of a micro smart grid platform. We are taking some of our more successful cases and trying to replicate them overseas.

    Lu Chi-lin
    JUMPWAY Managing Director
    We have been developing LED products in Thailand for two, three years now. There is some market demand for energy-saving. 3Egreen Technology’s solution is not electric on its own. After a simple installation, it can be used to monitor electricity consumption. So I think that 3Egreen’s product has greater potential in terms of its applications.

    During the expo, the Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency held a forum on the Internet of Things, inviting in 10 Taiwan start-ups keen on foraying into Thailand.

    Lance Kao
    Aeroprobing Inc. founder
    What we make is drones. In terms of market potential, Thailand is bigger than Taiwan. We are very grateful to the Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency for bringing us to this event.

    Chen Mei-ling
    National Development Council Minister
    We hope to build a platform that lets these so-called start-up entrepreneurs enter the market. We want it to give all of Taiwan’s sectors an opportunity to transform.

    Using technology to drive innovation, and then using innovation to unlock new opportunities. That’s the mission of Taiwan’s government and industry players as they work together to shape the future.
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    [[展綠科技執行長 吳仁作]]

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