Xinzhuang MRT line in final stages of testing, hoping to be ready for new year (2011/12/18)
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    Xinzhuang MRT line in final stages of testing, hoping to be ready for new year (2011/12/18)

    Taipei is hoping that its new MRT line to Xinzhuang will be ready to go by New Year’s Eve, when it’s likely to face a crush of passengers. The line went through a series of simulations this morning to see how ready it is to handle contingencies, and received pretty high marks. But there’s still no word when it will officially open.

    The simulations conducted Sunday were contingency tests that the line has to pass before it can be given the green light.

    In one simulation, the station manager receives word over his walkie-talkie that a switch had failed and the train can only go as far as Cailiao Station. As he gets people to board the train, the speaker system alerts the passengers to the problem.

    Though it may be just a simulation, Taipei Rapid Transit staffers take the test run seriously. Every detail inside the train is scrutinized and scored by an evaluator, hoping to make the ride as close to perfect as possible.

    The Sunday tests also simulated a power failure to see if control center and station personnel handled it properly.

    Lan Wu-wang
    Xinzhuang Line Evaluator
    You can see that yesterday’s issues have already been taken care of. There were a lot of spots, but they improved them quickly. We and Taipei Rapid Transit Corp. have confidence that the line will be able to handle 2 million people in a day. It shouldn’t be a problem.

    The evaluators gave the line high marks for the simulated tests, but it still is not clear when the line will open for service. The hope is that it will be ready by New Year’s Eve to help deal with the 1 million passengers who typically flood the MRT network that night.

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    捷運新莊線週日上午進行履勘. 能否順利通車,還得先經過一些狀況考驗。




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