Enthusiastic turnout for Linkou’s social housing scheme (2018/07/02)
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    Enthusiastic turnout for Linkou’s social housing scheme (2018/07/02)

    In New Taipei's Linkou, a housing complex used by Universiade athletes last year has been converted into 2,500 units of social housing. They'll be rented at below-market rate to a variety of demographics, including newlyweds and active police officers. Applications officially opened today, with people descending on the registration site to book their new home.

    This office was packed today with applicants for Linkou’s new social housing complex. To sign up, pick up a form, fill it out, and then wait in the waiting zone until your number is called. From start to finish, the process takes at least 30 minutes.

    It’s very close to my home. Also I think the location affords great convenience. Rent in Linkou is relatively high, and although the units are not that much cheaper, I feel that it’s at least somewhat cheaper.

    After the end of the Taipei Universiade, the Athletes’ Village was converted to social housing. There are four layouts and 2,500 properties that will be offered at 36% off the market rate to disadvantaged families, Linkou residents, newlyweds and families with infants, and active police officers and firefighters. About half the units will be available to any applicant from Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, or Keelung at 20% off the market price.

    Yuan Shu-chen
    New Taipei City official
    The response has been very enthusiastic. There’s already been more than 100 people at the registration site. We’re out of applications and more copies are being printed.

    The Linkou social housing complex will accept applications until Aug. 15. If there too many applicants, a drawing will be held on Sept. 13 to allocate the units. The lucky tenants will be able to move into their new home in November.
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    林口社會宅今起抽籤登記 民眾申辦踴躍





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