Changes bring temple mental health center into the 21st century (2) (2013/01/13)
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  • Changes bring temple mental health center into the 21st century (1)
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    Changes bring temple mental health center into the 21st century (2) (2013/01/13)

    Long Far began to do away with practice in 1998, after comments by Kaohsiung County health commissioner Lin Lee-jen.

    Shih Hsin-chiu
    Long Far Worker
    The commissioner was good to us. He told us to use a different method more understood by society to treat these children. He said it would be better for us, too. We never hurt the patients, but people who didn’t understand what we were doing criticized how we treated the patients. It led to misunderstandings.

    Every morning a Long Far marching band leads hundreds of patients in a march around the temple courtyard.

    Later, under the hot sun, each patient participates in group exercises for 50 minutes. It’s all part of the daily routine.

    Even this popular San Tai Zi performing group is composed of patients. Long Far hopes that performances such as these can change public perception.

    Despite radical changes and greater transparency, Long Far continues to exist outside the government’s social services. Since it was built in 1970 the facility and temple have failed to meet zoning ordinances. Its treatment of the mentally ill is not a part of the regular care system.

    Yu Pei-zhen
    Kaohsiung DOH
    This facility doesn’t have a single staff member who meets professional requirements or the necessary equipment. Even the beds and the space don’t have proper supervision and control. If a conflict occurs it would be very difficult to manage.

    Wen Jung-kwang
    Long Far is a part of history. It began in a time when there really was no way to take care of those with mental illnesses. Many families suffered from poverty and hardship, and there were no homes to take care of the mentally ill. They had to turn to religion for help. The Mental Health Act wasn’t passed until later, so we should still respect these original folk treatments.

    After negotiations, last year the Department of Health finally approved plans for Long Far to establish a convalescence center. It relaxed restrictions and provided support to help patients regain their ability to work and function in society.
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