Taipower chief takes front line in row against Taichung City government (2020/06/29)
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    Taipower chief takes front line in row against Taichung City government (2020/06/29)

    The head of Taiwan Power Company has stepped forward to say he is willing to assume all responsibility for restarting generator No. 2 without a permit from the Taichung City government. For the first time since the row began, Taipower Chairman Yang Wei-fuu on Monday defended the company's decision. Yang said Taichung City could not override the central government's authorization, or issue fines to Taipower, quote, "whenever it feels like it."

    City councilors gathered outside Taichung Power Plant on Monday to protest the restart of its No. 2 generator.

    Luo Ting-wei
    KMT Taichung City councilor
    We came to the entrance of Taichung Power Plant, to the rest area outside the entrance, because the chimneys here spread pollutants out all around, so this is the safest place.

    Over the Dragon Boat Festival long weekend, Taichung City slapped a heavy fine on Taipower for restarting the generator. It has also threatened legal action for those personally responsible. Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen 盧秀燕took a tough stance on Monday.

    Lu Shiow-yen
    Taichung mayor
    We must be resolute to bring air pollution under control. It’s like a pest control situation: you need to deal with the houseflies, but even more so, the tigers. As a state-owned enterprise, Taipower and its Taichung Power Plant are tigers, but we can’t let them be exempt from the law, have special privileges, or demand a cover-up from Taichung City government.

    Yang Wei-fuu
    Taipower chairman
    There is no doubt that the No. 2 generator is operating within the law. I have never seen a public authority that has the right to determine for itself that the decisions of a higher authority are invalid. Taichung is stubbornly persisting on its own path, ignoring our national authorities, as if it can just slap a fine on Taipower whenever it feels like it.

    In December, the plant was accused of illegally exceeding its quota of coal to burn for 2019. Mayor Lu stripped it of licenses for two of its generators – numbers 2 and 3. In February, however, the central government’s Environmental Protection Administration overturned Taichung’s decision, and in March the Executive Yuan said local laws were contradicting national law, and were null and void. But Taichung hasn’t given up.

    Lu Shiow-yen
    Taichung mayor
    If state-owned enterprises, if publicly owned firms owned 100% by the government, can set an example of breaking the law, then how are we to protect the health of the people? How are we to defend the authority of the state?

    Yang Wei-fuu
    Taipower chairman
    If Taichung City government is set on finding someone to blame before it lets this go, then I am willing to accept all the responsibility.

    Taipower has warned it is ready to restart Generator No. 3 at any time, to keep the nation’s operating reserve above 10%.

    Yang Wei-fuu
    Taipower chairman
    When we’re ready to carry out tests on Generator No. 3, we will do so. In our current principles for the nationwide distribution of power generation, we have allotted nine generators in operation at Taichung Power Plant. Now, today, for example, we have more than seven generators in operation there. This will stay the same. These principles will not be ripped up.

    Environmental activists are standing behind Taichung City and calling in scientists to strengthen their case. But Taipower is determined not to back down, and with the central government at odds with local officials, the row is just firing up.
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