Su Huan-chih formally launches campaign for Tainan mayor (2018/07/02)
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    Su Huan-chih formally launches campaign for Tainan mayor (2018/07/02)

    Former Tainan Commissioner Su Huan-chih today launched his campaign for Tainan mayor at a press conference. Su's platforms focus on tax reforms and local revitalizati on, with an emphasis on restoring Tainan to its historical prominence. Today's press conference attracted about 200 supporters. Some said they see Su as a way out of partisan politics and into economic prosperity.

    In front of hundreds of supporters, former Tainan Commissioner Su Huan-chih formally declared his candidacy for Tainan mayor.

    Su Huan-chih
    Tainan mayoral candidate
    Taiwan’s biggest problem is that power and taxation are too centralized. Local autonomy has been completely done away with in the 121 townships of the six major cities, counties, and special municipalities, and that has actually expedited their marginalization.

    Previously Su had tossed his hat in the ring for Taipei mayor, but he was edged out in the end by candidates backed by the major political parties. Su is now trying again in his hometown of Tainan, where he believes that there will be more room for policy debate.

    Su Huan-chih
    Tainan mayoral candidate
    My compatriots in Tainan all trust that my local pedigree is unimpeachable. What I’m most concerned with now are issues of everyday life, economic problems and problems with the government system.

    The mayoral race in Tainan is shaping up to be a crowded affair. Besides Su, there’s also the DPP’s Huang Wei-cher, the TSU’s Hsu Chun-hsin, the KMT’s Kao Su-po, along with independent candidates Chen Tzu-ching and Lin Yi-feng. Huang, Hsu, and Su share a core constituency and are expected to steal votes from each other, adding an element of unpredictability to the race.
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    故鄉呼"煥" 蘇煥智正式宣布參選台南市長



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