Braised pork on rice takes the stage at Taipei Main Station (2019/08/13)
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    Braised pork on rice takes the stage at Taipei Main Station (2019/08/13)

    Braised pork on rice is hailed as Taiwan’s national dish, and it’s the star of its own festival right now at Taipei Main Station. Today and tomorrow, 50 vendors are at the station to show off their take on the traditional dish. Some unconventional options are on offer at this year’s festival. There’s a version with grilled cheese and one topped with a generous serving of oysters.

    This bowl of steaming rice covered with braised meat is a feast for the senses. The classic dish can also be served like this.

    It’s topped with fish roe and kissed with a torch. The result is a mouthwatering braised pork on rice with a grilled cheese twist.

    And then there’s this innovative take on the national dish.

    A heap of oysters is piled on top for a taste of the sea. Upon seeing this creation, hungry locals can’t wait to dig in.

    Some love these newfangled eats, but others prefer the traditional version. There’s something for everyone at the Taiwan Braised Pork on Rice Festival, which brings together 50 top establishments. Today and tomorrow at Taipei Main Station, master chefs will showcase exquisite braised pork creations fit for dignitaries.

    Chen Mi-shun
    Ministry of Economic Affairs
    In every corner of the country, you can grab one of these set meals featuring braised pork with rice. Braised pork with rice is also the star of these state banquet dishes. These are dishes you can entertain guests with at hotels.

    There are at least 8,000 establishments that sell braised pork with rice in Taiwan. The economics ministry hopes that the event will promote growth in commercial districts and drum up business opportunities for restaurants.

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    北車國飯大會師 全台50家人氣滷肉飯大比拚






    創意滷肉飯,有人喜歡,但也有人鍾情傳統滷肉飯,這回經濟部推出「台灣滷肉飯節」,精選出142家業者,還邀來50家超人氣名店,從13日起,連續兩天在台北車站舉辦「國飯大會師」,要讓各地滷肉飯業者 提高能見度。

    [[經濟部商業司副司長 陳秘順]]

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